TGIF! Supernatural – B.T.O. Taking Care of Business

BTO Supernatural mashup by SuperfreakSummer

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Fall of Corporate America continues: GE-Immelt on Obama: ‘business did not like the US President and the president did not like business’

Another in the continuing series of ‘brilliant’ men who brought us Obama. IMO Immelt had more influence in creating and marketing Obama the brand than any one but SEIU and the frakking poltroons at the DNC and Dem leadership.

And GE shareholders should oust this jackaxx he has killed the stock and driven out millions of shareholders like me who dumped it in disgust at the antics on MSNBC and the pathetic performance under Immelt:


GE Chief Executive Jeff Immelt launched an unusually harsh broadside against President Obama yesterday, saying “business did not like the US President and the president did not like business.”

The comments, made in Rome at a dinner meeting of GE executives and Italian business leaders, are the harshest attack on President Obama by such a high-profile CEO.

Immelt also took a swipe at China, telling his audience: “I am not sure that in the end they want any of us to win, or any of us to be successful.”

The 54-year-old GE top dog also said he was concerned about doing business in China….

Muuhuuhaaa!!! Immelt put all GE’s eggs in the China ‘turbine green energy production’ basket and now that Obama is laying off the pressure on China due to his enormous spending habits Immelt is fxxked. Good. Try appealing to the American consumers there Jeff. Remember us? we built your damned company. At least try not to ACTIVELY screw the American consumer at every opportunity, maybe your karma will improve. Jackaxx.

GE is 40% a finance company now. They had no business getting TARP. Dump their axxes off the public rolls. Dimon, Immelt, Business Roundtable, a real Who’s Who of movers and shakers  all loved them some Obama.

Their approval was an endorsement that he would support economic growth and that our worries over his redistributionist theories being on the table were misplaced. Yet here we sit with these tools coming out one and a time slowly leaking on and off the record that to their dismay Obama is exactly what the middle class thought he was: a Jimmy Carter throwback with a cult following.

Maybe next election business could take a CLUE from the American middle class; we tend to see through the cloud of bullshit people like David Brooks and Peggy Noonan eat with a spoon. Next time don’t turn your nose up at us and laugh us off as ‘fearful of those who are different…clinging to their guns and religion..’.

All these axxholes like Immelt agreed with that Obama statement 150%. That is who was in the room with him in SF, big business CEOs who vote liberal but make their profits off the free market people like Pelosi and Obama despise and try to restrain.

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Horror YARM: ‘Let Me In’ trailer (‘Let the Right One In’ remake)

Surely one of the fastest YARMs evah~ (Yet Another ReMake)..looks good I am glad to say! h/t DigitalSpy

…a little Swedish vamp flick called Let The Right One In (we thought it was absolutely brilliant) is getting redone for US audiences. Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee stand in for Lina Leandersson and Kåre Hedebrant in Let Me In, directed by Matt Reeves and due out in cinemas this October. Click ‘play’ below to watch the teaser trailer.

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