Obama approval tanks, he attempts to court Twilight fans…

by FreakingNews.com

Obama’s approval among Indies has fallen so low that his OFA toolz are trying to convert tween Twilight fans to Obots, I shxt you not.


The western Pennsylvania chapter of the Obama-supporting grassroots group recently showed up at a premiere for the new “Twilight” flick, “Eclipse,” at a Pittsburgh shopping area. And it went well enough that National Press Secretary Lynda Tran said she could see OFA heading to movie premieres again.

“To my knowledge the effort in Pennsylvania is the first time OFA volunteers have turned to a movie premiere to connect with potential supporters,” Tran told Yeas & Nays in an e-mail. “Given their success in Pittsburgh I wouldn’t be surprised to see other efforts like this one replicated around the country.”

So how well did it go? According to the Allentown Morning Call, OFA managed to “entice some Hollister-wearing “Twilight” fans to register to vote and some 300 in total to promise to cast ballots in the congressional elections this fall.”…

He doesn’t even go after Trubies you notice, he sets his sights on the tweens who haven’t had the Obamaconomy kick their axxes yet.

BWAAAHAAA!!! Hey it worked on the Abercrombie & Fitch Obots didn’t it? Forget the Dave Matthews fans, they are OLD (translate-they need jobs that are GONE thanks to O) Moving on to GREENer pastures- tweens. BWAAAHAAAAAAA!!

Ed at HotAir has the Gallup scoop:


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