David Suchet ~ Murder on the Orient Express ~ Poirot X (12.4) PBS Masterpiece Mystery

We have been waiting for this one for 10 years~the Albert Finney film performance was wonderful, but Suchet is the master, Agatha Christie must beam from heaven each time David Suchet films another novel or short story!

check your local listing for the air time tonight on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery ~ it is airing on KAET in Metro Phoenix~

Poirot investigates the murder of a shady American businessman stabbed in his compartment on the Orient Express when it is blocked by a blizzard in the Serbian mountains.


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True Blood 3.3 recap & mythological creatures – shifter

Are you ready for Debbie Pelt? Tonight’s the night. Owwwooohooooooooooo~

Courtesy of HBO

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The Vampire Diaries – Damon (Oh, Damn!) promo

Courtesy of the CW ~the cast is back in ATL shooting season 2! yay~

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Massachusetts Patriots in support of AZ Jan Brewer for SB1070

Courtesy of VictgoriaMiles
We won’t see this in the lamestream toolz reporting on the bused in protesters yelling at Gov Brewer at the Gov Conference in Boston, but some wonderful folks in Massachusetts came out to support SB1070 and Gov Brewer!! Thank you Massachusetts! and thank you for Sen Brown!

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