‘One day a King will come, and the sword will rise again’ Historians claim to have found location of Camelot…

kewl. Another site built upon earlier Roman ruins. If the UK would arrest terrorists maybe we could go visit all these cool sites! someone go find the remains of a calm, still pool!!!


…Researchers exploring the legend of Britain’s most famous Knight believe his stronghold of Camelot was built on the site of a recently discovered Roman amphitheatre in Chester….

…They claim rather than Camelot being a purpose built castle, it would have been housed in a structure already built and left over by the Romans….

…The recent discovery of an amphitheatre with an execution stone and wooden memorial to Christian martyrs, has led researchers to conclude that the other location is Chester.

Mr Gidlow said: “In the 6th Century, a monk named Gildas, who wrote the earliest account of Arthur’s life, referred to both the City of Legions and to a martyr’s shrine within it. That is the clincher. The discovery of the shrine within the amphitheatre means that Chester was the site of Arthur’s court and his legendary Round Table.”…

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