Talentless gold digger married to infamous murderer pretty excited about debut album

What an absolutely pathetic excuse for a human being. Evil gold digging POS. When the first trial ended in no verdict thanks to the ‘engineer’ on the jury, this piece of work was taped jumping up and down and dancing with Spector in the driveway of his ‘castle’ immediately afterward. Real class.

God Bless Lana Clarkson. Here is a tribute to Lana by grohlsguitar


…“I talked to my husband yesterday, and he said he’s more excited about this project than he was about The Beatles or Tina Turner,” she says. “He is so, so proud, and he really believes in me.” In addition to pushing for her husband’s release from jail in 2010, Rachelle Spector faces another challenge. “It’s a battle in this industry. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping that people will take me more seriously.”

…“This is the first album my husband has released in 30 years, and with our appeal, this is the year we’re going to bring him home, I just know it.”

Spector says that the title “Out of My Chelle” came to her because “my husband just really wanted to put me into the light. I’m his lifeline, he’s living vicariously through me, so this breakout, it’s really about both of us.” The album was produced during Spector’s trial and before he was sentenced to 19 years behind bars…

May Phil Spector only come out of prison in a body bag. Let God forgive him, I certainly cannot, I am all too human.

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NYY owner George Steinbrenner passes away

God Bless. 80 years old, what a life he led! Man how we loved to hate George in NYC back in the day! (70s!) But of course he rebuilt the team~ oh boy did he! No estate tax since the Critters are so incompetent BTW. God Bless the family and the team.

I have always been a huge Mr October fan so when Steinbrenner would fire Billy and Reggie would get upset so would I, lol.,..

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