GOP ’12 (Romney?) Hillary ’16

yay yay happy dance woot and all that good stuff! I have been saying FOREVAHHHH that Hill will run in ’16, and here is Ed Rendell saying it! he knows the deal, yay yay, I predict Romney ’12/ Hillary ’16.

I would like to think the GOP will take the power we give them in ’10 and ’12 and turn it around, but I dont think Romney will have enough time and the GOP Congress has not in my lifetime done the ‘right’ heh, thing by the middle class except when paired with the Big Dawg.

So unless the GOP has a Tea Party enlightenment which some have, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, though some dont like the label, unless we see a LOT more from them in ’12, then by ’14 I think the Indies will swing back to Dems, and by ’16 we will be ready for Hillary :0) I will keep donating to the GOP candidates like those who represent fiscal conservatism and embrace our individual liberties and small government and strong defense. But before the proverbial hat could drop, I would max out donating to Hillary. I believe in her and I believe that she believes in America.

I hope to get the chance to vote Romney ’12 and I have firmly believed I will get to vote Hillary in ’16 since the evil frakkers in the Dem leadership stole the nomination from HRC in 08.





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