Elizabeth Warren ~ TARP/HAMP August Congressional Oversight Panel Report

Update: Heh! Warren was at the WH yesterday when we were posting, lol., the ‘professional’ left will go ballistic if they pass over Warren, but hey they appointed the CARLISLE GROUP TO RUN GM!!! BWAAAAHAA! CHANGE!! HAAAAA!!!

Elizabeth Warren, whom many Democrats want to see nominated as head of a new consumer financial agency, met with White House officials on Thursday.

The Obama administration has repeatedly said Warren is under consideration as the inaugural head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was a centerpiece of the president’s effort to overhaul financial regulations.

“The president believes that Elizabeth Warren is a champion for middle class families and consumers and she, among others, is a strong contender for this position,” said White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage. “The president has not yet made a decision and no announcement is imminent….

Tim and Larry are terrified of Warren getting the spot as the first chief of the Consumer Protection Board. She won’t toe the line. I hope she gets it, she is the only one telling Tim, hey your plans are EPIC FAIL!

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  1. Joseph Hall replied:

    Virginia Graham, a Litton Loan counselor, told me on August 10 that my HAMP loan modification was approved. She congratulated me. I thanked her profusely, telling her that her name “Graham” reminded me of Smores bars, sweet and good. I thanked God that the trial modification period which began in July of 2009 was finally over, though a year later than originally promised. The next day, I called to ask when the modification documents would be sent for me to sign. I was then told that the modification approval was still “pending”. That was what their notes said, so they said. Here’s the clincher, however. Renee Carter of Credability, a HUD approved credit counseling group was part of the conversation I had on August 10. Thank God she heard this. Ms. Graham of Litton Loan didn’t spill the beans just to me. She told the government that my modification was already approved. What is Litton Loan doing now? They’re asking me for more of the same materials they’ve been asking me for and have already received repeatedly this past year. Something stinks in the HAMP program at Litton Loan. Perhaps they will redeem themselves. I doubt it had Renee Carter not heard Litton Loan tell me the modification was approved. I am still waiting to receive the modification documents. Could you speak with Litton Loan about this? They need to be pressured. I think they just like sitting on my 10.5 % interest rate which was transferred to them, milking me for all the fees they can, hoping they can foreclose and get more government money. I hope I’m wrong and Litton Loan does the right thing.


    • ginaswo replied:

      God Bless and best wishes with the mod. Sadly many are finding themselves booted from the program after many moons of paying trial on time. Extend and Pretend to keep supply coming to market slowly to save banks from losses. Utterly disgusting.

      Lots of feedback from HAMP ‘survivors’ here:


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