Rick Santelli ~ Fed and Treasury have no business pumping up housing at expense of taxpayers

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Airtime: Fri. Aug. 13 2010  8:00 AM ET

Steven Ricchiuto, of Mizuho Securities USA, and Thomas Higgins, of Payden & Rygel, debate whether the Fed should back away from the economy.

Rick Santelli ~ Fed and Treasury have no busine…, posted with vodpod


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  1. Roy replied:

    What’s going on is that they are trying to re-inflate bubbles. Burst bubbles at that. Really tired of being punished for having my affairs in order when the tornado went through the sewage processing plan.

    So here goes.

    Nothing is too big to fail.

    If the UE runs out, let it run out. Those guys make more then I do, and I work.

    Minimum wage should be set at zero and only the market should determine wage levels.

    Businesses don’t pay taxes, they just do an expensive job of being surrogate tax collectors. Taxes should be on personal income only.

    No more propping up of failed mortgages. Just foreclose on the deadbeats and let the real estate find it’s true value.


    • ginaswo replied:

      THESE POLS DO NOT HAVE THE oops caplock sorry, cojones to let the market work, they will fight the deflation to its natural level with more money printing I fear. frakkers. WASS (We Are So Screwed)


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