Update: 10:15pm EST-Release the Snoopy! It’s Miller Time…

10:22pm EST – Greta just announced Murkowski’s concession on FOX. Whoomp there it is. Shaka Laka Shaka Laka

10:14pm EST-Release the Snoopy!!!

Update: 10:14pm EST- thedailybeast

.@shushwalshe has confirmed exclusively that Sen. Murkowski will concede Alaska senate race to Miller. http://thebea.st/9u2PTy

Prepare to unleash the Snoopy Dance….

Top of post Twitter update: 10:00pm EST:


RT @jonward11: MT @shushwalshe Murkowski staffer: ‘She is calling her family now. looks like she will come out + concede”

Miller’s margin back up to 1,469 after most recent update. Looking grim for Murkowski #AKSEN

BigGovernment monitoring the count..

…Sources in Alaska have informed Big Government that the trend in the count of absentee ballots makes it virtually impossible that Sen. Murkowski will overtake Joe Miller in the GOP Senate Primary….

Twitter Updates:


#AKSen UPDATE: MURKOWSKI TO CONCEDE? http://bit.ly/cCBnQp [] Tell @AceOfSpadesHQ to get the pudding ready


As I said the other day: Joe Miller wins!!!!!

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