Carly v Boxer Debate Livestream 7:00pm PT

CSPAN Live Stream up here
Boom Babs comes out attacking H1B Visa usage by Carly, knew it. How many jobs did Babs ship out of state? More than the 30k Carly shipped outta HPQ that’s fer shure.

It's a bird! A plane? Oh noes a TAX AND SPEND Democrat! Dude Run!!!!

Gabe at AceHQ will be Tweeting throughout.

Will Babs slam Carly for her H1B Visa profligacy at HP?

Will Carly call Boxer ‘Ma’am’?

Tune in to find out as we all hope to see Boxer get a ticket out of D.C. and Carly get Cali on the ECONOMIC GROWTH track again. Visit Carly for Cali site here.

And get your Lawn Signs, bumper stickers or shirts here


At 7pm Pacific, Carly Fiorina will face Barbara Boxer for a 60-minute televised debate. If you’re interested, it will be on C-SPAN, the Chronicle’s website…

I’ll be live-tweeting the debate at @gabrielmalor.


…Fiorina has tried hard to portray Boxer as a traditional tax-and-spend liberal who is pushing policies that will do little to help the state, while bankrupting the nation. She’s said that if elected, she herself would push tax credits that help California businesses while cutting the deficit overall.

Boxer, for her part, says Fiorina is a failed CEO who wants to take the United States back to the days when economic policies favored the rich. Democrats need a Senate majority, says Boxer, to keep pushing recovery policies and green-energy industries that will benefit the Golden State.

Right now,’s survey average puts Boxer in the lead, slightly, at 46.9 percent to 43.5 percent….


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