Gov. Chris Christie schools another NJ teacher on elementary facts of the NJ education budget


Business Insider:

…the teacher accuses Christie of gutting the NJ education system, and Christie responds with a point-by-point explanation of how unaffordable NJ schools had become, and how modest the cuts he proposed were.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, skip to the final few minutes, when he addresses an email that was sent out by the head of the NJ teacher’s union praying for Christie’s death. His tone is just perfect, and he makes it impossible for viewers not to be on his side.

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Rove, Rasmussen and voters agree: DOOM! for Democrats at the polls…


…Today’s Approval Index rating is the lowest yet recorded for this president. Overall Job Approval matches the lowest recorded number, and the number who Strongly Disapprove matches the highest yet recorded….

Had to steal that DOOM! from Moe Lane. No other word fits. My schadenfreude it runneth over. Hold on America, we have the GOP on the way to stop the insanity and then we just have to get through 18 more months or so of Teh One. :0) You can’t hold a good country down!

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