You Can help Rescue the country~GOP Election Push ~ Make 40 Calls (from home) to Get Out the Vote!

Courtesy of AceHQ, the GOP is getting it! We did this for HRC and we kept winning after the polls were against us. Now even the LameStream polling is forced to show the Obama Dems underwater.

We can do this! Please make calls and encourage everyone you know to do the same :0)

GOP 40 Calls from Home
You can do something—right now— to rescue your Country. If you have a phone with you, you can do it from where you are sitting. The question is: will you?

Let’s be clear: Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are betting you won’t. They think that Republicans are over-confident and won’t do the work necessary stop the Obama agenda. Together we can prove them wrong.

Will you make 40 phone calls to Republican voters? It’s really that simple. We will provide you with a brief survey and our phone from home application will do the rest of the work.

Voter contact is—without any doubt—the number one thing you can do to restore balance to Washington D.C.

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