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Everyone please GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

10/30 Phone Banking Report – Team Schweikert office was full so I was assigned to GOP Victory office around the corner and did calls to GOTV for the entire GOP Team. Did around 100 calls, many messages, wrong numbers, but 5 positives, with a Semper Fi! thrown in. 2 had mailed early ballots back already the other 3 were psyched to vote. Very few hangups, maybe 6, only 2 who seemed to be Dem votes.

David Schweikert Conservative for AZ - 05

AceofSpadesHQ and FreedomWorks have launched Be the Wave! A GOTV effort aimed at getting our feet on the ground to make calls and GOTV for our districts. Be the Wave!!

Here in AZ-05, David Schweikert is our guy. A conservative who has run against Harry Mitchell (D) before, and this year is our year.

Please contact the Schweikert Campaign Team and volunteer to make calls, donate, or help staff events.


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UPDATE 10/18/10:

Last night, the Arizona Republic endorsed David Schweikert as the leader we need fighting for us in Washington.

This news is outstanding, considering that they are supporting a challenger over an incumbent Congressman. David Schweikert is leading the fight for more jobs, lower taxes, less government, and economic freedom here in Arizona.

Think about what has happened over the past few years under this Congress – – a government takeover of the healthcare industry, union giveaways, Wall Street bailouts, and all the failed stimulus spending. Our Congressman even sponsored card check, putting union bosses before workers.

Arizona Republic Endorses Schweikert

Send Schweikert to Washington

The Arizona Republic
Oct. 15, 2010

Ignore all that mud smeared across your television screen and splattered in

your mailbox. Rep. Harry Mitchell and David Schweikert are honorable men who want the best for this country. They simply have different ideas about what that means.

The two face off for the second time to represent Congressional District 5, which stretches from Fountain Hills and Scottsdale through Tempe, west Mesa and parts of Chandler to Ahwatukee Foothills. Mitchell won in 2008, boosted by the Obama wave.

The Democrat has built an admirable record, particularly on veterans’ issues. He has resisted the partisan upmanship that paralyzes Congress, with a Republican co-sponsor on every bill he introduced.

Mitchell’s voting record is moderate, however much Schweikert wants to paint him as a Nancy Pelosi-lapdog liberal. (Mitchell won the endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, no friend of the Obama administration.)

Mitchell was the right person to represent this district for the past four years. But to confront the challenges ahead, a change is needed. Schweikert, a Republican, has the talents and outlook that will be needed in the next Congress.

Schweikert, a former Maricopa County treasurer, is a financial guy. He enjoys poring over a spreadsheet the way most people dive into a good novel. What’s more, he’s a deficit hawk. After the budget excesses of the past 10 years, we need people in Congress who will challenge every penny of spending.

Schweikert also is willing to consider new approaches to longstanding problems. Social Security, for instance, continues to stumble toward insolvency because re-election-minded politicians are afraid to make tough decisions.

Mitchell says the system is just fine. Schweikert recognizes that unpopular changes will be necessary to save it.

And then there is the health-care bill. Mitchell, in talks around the district while the bill was being debated, displayed conflicting feelings about the bill and opposition to some portions of it. District residents mostly opposed it. Still, Mitchell voted for the bill, a vote he continues to defend.

That puts him at odds with the district. Schweikert, who vows to join Republican efforts to defund the law, is more in line with where voters stand. And he suggests common-sense, market-driven reforms that would accomplish the same ends with less bureaucracy.

Mitchell is likeable. He’s a grandfatherly figure, the kind of guy you wouldn’t mind spending a day with. He’s also at the end of a distinguished political career, with no illusions or ambition to be more than the 5th District congressman. While he dedicates himself to the job, he’s not a dynamic presence on Capitol Hill.

Schweikert is far more likely to bring energy to the office. It takes drive to pick yourself up from a bruising defeat for another campaign against the same opponent. The ambition that has carried Schweikert this far will serve the district’s residents well in Washington.

Voters have two good and honorable men to choose from. But for all these reasons, we recommend Schweikert.

About David Schweikert:

…Prior to being elected County Treasurer, David represented Scottsdale/Fountain Hills in the Arizona State House of Representatives where he was recognized as an advocate for taxpayers and reforming the legislative process. Due to David’s strong leadership in these areas, his colleagues elected him to a leadership position, ushering in two of the shortest and most successful legislative sessions in history.

David also chaired the State Board of Equalization where he oversaw billions of dollars in valuation and tax protests from Arizona citizens and businesses.

David holds an MBA from the ASU WP Carey Executive Program and received a BA from the ASU School of Business with a focus in finance and real estate. David has traveled extensively throughout India, East Asia and Eastern Europe.

David and his wife Joyce reside in Fountain Hills where together they run a real estate business. They attend Saint Maria Goretti Catholic Church.

The Positions:


In 2006, Republicans lost the majority in Congress because they ceased being the party of fiscal responsibility. With Democrats controlling Congress and the White House deficit spending is out of control. In 2008 MoveOn.org asked: Who will pay for the deficit? Now the deficit is 11 times larger! Our federal government continues to spend money it doesn’t have and wastes billions of our tax dollars every year on questionable spending. The complete lack of fiscal responsibility coming out of Congress needs to stop.

I have been a fiscal conservative my entire career. I believe that it is possible for government to spend your tax dollars frugally; unfortunately, most of those in government don’t want to do that.

As your next Congressman, I will work to bring about a culture of fiscal responsibility in Congress. More specifically, I will push to limit the growth and size of government. I will work to eliminate the terribly irresponsible and corrupting practice of earmarking or pork barrel spending. Most importantly though, I will not vote to burden our future generations with debt by supporting spending money we don’t have.

It’s time to restore fiscal sanity to Congress….(continues at link)

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