Haunted Folk Tales – 16 – ‘Mary Culhane’

Courtesy of Mary Kinsella

Mary Culhane lived in faraway Ireland. She was the oldest of six children and they were poor. Dirt poor, you might say. For her father earned a living by digging graves at the graveyard at the far edge of town.

One day, her father came home…bone tired he was, and he plopped himself down in the nearest chair. She heard him exclaim, “Aye, I can’t believe it. I left me prized black thorn walkin’ stick back at the tree. The only thing me dear father gave me, and it will probably be gone by mornin’.

Mary Culhane ran to get her shawl, “I’ll get it for you, father!” She ran out the door before anyone could stop her – for no one…no one went into the cemetery…after dark.

And indeed it was dark before she got there. A big moon was just on the horizon as she entered the cemetery gate. She had been here many times before and graveyards didn’t scare her. She carefully walked around the graves –for she’d been taught from the time she was a wee lass to not walk over them – it was bad luck. She picked her away around the graves until she saw the walking stick lying against the old oak tree. Why, her father must have stopped there to have his lunch and forgot it. Then Mary Culhane forgot to watch where she was stepping and she fell…into an open grave.

As quickly as she could, she got up on her hands and knees, but as she did she felt someone…or something crawl on her back. An evil voice whispered in her ear, “Ah, Mary Culhane, I have been waiting for you. Now you must take me in town to get something to eat for I hunger and thirst.” Mary knew, she knew this was an evil creature. She could tell by its scaly fingers and its fetid breath.

Mary suddenly had no will of her own. She was helpless to do only as the evil creature bade her to do. She reached up to the top of the grave and pulled with all her strength. She felt as if she were bearing the weight of the world on her shoulders. But somehow she managed to lift herself and the creature onto the soft grass. She lay prone while the creature screamed, “Get up, Mary Culhane, Get up, and take me into town.”

Mary slowly rose, and with that creature riding her back, she trudged towards the village. They came to the main road where the first house appeared, “Now, Mary Culhane, take me into this house so I may feed.” Mary reached for the first step, the second step, and was ready to reach for the third when the creature cried out, “Not here Mary Culhane, for I smell the stench of holy water!” Mary stepped down and went to the second house. “Now, Mary Culhane, bring me inside this house,” but again as she reached the third step the creature cried in pure agony, “No, Mary Culhane, take me away. For I smell the stench of holy water. Mary again retreated and walked down the road until they came to the third house. She took the first step, the second, the third…and the creature said not a word. “Take me into the kitchen Mary and find something for me to eat.”

Story continues after the break:


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Marco seals the deal: Marco Rubio explains family and loyalty to Charlie Crist

Marrrrcooo~ RUBIO!!! Orange Crush is finished.

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Marco Rubio explains family and loyalty to Char…, posted with vodpod


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