AZ Election Results ~ Release the Snoopy!!!

The Be the Wave Tsunami was VERY REAL in AZ!!


Republicans sweep statewide races in Arizona

Nationally, Democrats suffered disaster in the general election. In Arizona, it was even worse.

Republicans poised to gain supermajority control of Legislature

Republicans rode a tsunami of voter discontent to wrest away seats from Democratic members on Nov. 2, likely increasing veto-proof control of the two chambers of the Legislature.

Schweikert wins CD5 rematch with Mitchell

David Shweikert won his rematch with Democratic U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell, taking back one of the GOP’s most coveted seats of the election cycle.

AZ looks like a real sweep for the GOP!!

State Legislature heavily GOP now~

Jan Brewer wins Gov~

McCain wins Senate~

AZ-05 DAVE SCHWEIKERT WINS!!!!WOOT!!!!!11!!  by over 10%~ 15,000 votes!

Prop 106 Health Care Freedom ~ not calling it yet but 72% Precincts in ahead 55%/45%

Prop 107 Banning Affirmative Action passes 60%

Prop 113 Protecting Secret Ballot passes 61%

Prop 203 Med Marijuana tied right now 50/50

Kirkpatrick lost her seat, Quayle won his race, McClung is close to Grijalva but Giffords is holding on against Kelly

The rest of the statewide races are a sea of red


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