Surf’s Up!!! VOTE!

Update 2 ~ John Boehner’s moving speech~

Update 11/3 ~ Marco Rubio and Rand Paul’s Acceptance Speeches~

Landslide Baby~

62+ net and Im off to dreamland~ I wanted more~82 min. I think Reid is a thief (but am weirdly glad SCHUMER is not majority leader, heh)and Carly should have been allowed to keep going without calling it, it looks tied to me at 50% still ~ CA is in deep blue shxt!! JERRY BROWN to negotiate with labor and Boxer to bring back jobs? Dear Gawd!

So Obama is now ‘unprecedented’, he has lost the most seats in his first midterm in modern Presidential history! erasing Big Dawg’s previous record of a loss of 52. Loves it!

Best moment of the night outside the local races- Marrrcoooo RUBIO!!!

Update 3: Tim Carney has an Election Day Liberal Media Spin Drinking Game! posted. Be Safe. Sample of Teh Roolz~

  • Say “blind rage” Remember, rebuking Bush and throwing out Republicans was about finding our better angels. Rebuking Obama and throwing out Democrats is about blind range.
    Suggested drink: Irish Whiskey
  • Blame Obama for not “getting his message out” Both sides do this: if my side is losing, it must be only because we didn’t communicate our ideas and plans well enough — it can’t be because people didn’t like what we were doing! With Obama, it’s even more absurd. The man, famous for his eloquence, was constantly campaigning.
    Suggested drink: spiked Slurpee
  • Update 2: Politico has their Results Header up and it is huge with running tallies on the side for the closely watched races.

    Update: Real Clear Politics LiveBlog begins at 6pm ET. AceHQ sure to have pudding extravaganza as the returns roll in.

    Hang 10 baby, it’s on~

    This is it! I’m looking for 82 GOP gain in the House net and 9 in the Senate

    In AZ we have several important Propositions as well, Protecting Secret Ballot, Health Care Freedom, Affirmative Action Ban, and Medical Marijuana (which was passed by voters 2x and voted down 1x but previous language overturned by legislature).

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