Happy New Year!! Hong Kong 2011 Fireworks

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Happy New Year!!! Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Happy New Year!! A Prosperous, Happy and Healthy New Year to all!!! Celebrate Safely :0) Benny Hinn mashup by jjensenii

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Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor, posted with vodpod

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Happy Hanukkah!

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Inside ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale 1.6 ‘TS-19’

Spoilers!!! Series returns next October with 13 more episodes :0>

Courtesy of AMC

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‘Game of Thrones’ 10 Minute Preview

Our previous post on casting of the HBO series here.
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Courtesy of HBO and SciFi

Game of Thrones 10 Minute Preview, posted with vodpod


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Heigh Ho Silver Awaaay! Silver hits 30 yr high $30.07…

~Jamie Dimon is crying somewhere~ Silver is up 70% since August :0) Sister Gold also continues to rise- $1421 an oz baby~ Gentle Ben’s insistence they have it all ‘contained’ on 60 Mins has done nada to diminish the attraction of the shiny preccious….

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The Truth Is *In Here* ~ NASA announces -alien- bacteria, unlike Earth life, discovered in Cali

Kewlin’. We (Earth life) are either WAY COOLER than we thought, and able to ‘evolve’ in REALLY radical ways to create LIFE ~ OR~ Alien bacteria, off Earth in source, has been found living happily on Earth, adapting to our environment. Like I said, Kewlin’!!

HotAir has it:

…One: The bacteria is a true alien life form that’s capable of swapping out “essential” elements for whatever’s abundant in its environment. In that case, where’d it come from and how’d it get there? Two: The bacteria’s an Earth-based life form that somehow figured out one of the niftiest tricks in evolutionary history, altering the core structure of its own DNA to compensate for the loss of a key component. As an astrobiologist told the Times, “It’s like if you or I morphed into fully functioning cyborgs after being thrown into a room of electronic scrap with nothing to eat.” If it’s evolution at work, is it a new branch on the tree or … a whole new tree? And how many more branches are there on that tree? Read WaPo’s very user-friendly article on all this, suggesting the possibility of an entire “shadow biosphere” on Earth that doesn’t follow the usual biological rules….

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