Happy New Year!! Hong Kong 2011 Fireworks

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Happy New Year!!! Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Happy New Year!! A Prosperous, Happy and Healthy New Year to all!!! Celebrate Safely :0) Benny Hinn mashup by jjensenii

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Case-Shiller: Housing in Double Dip, fourth consecutive month of dropping home prices

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Here are the highlights lowlights:

Deceleration in 18 of 20 cities in the MSAS Annual Growth Rate

In October only 4 cities rose, LA, San Diego, SF & D.C. saw gains in house prices

-6 cities hit all new lows since the collapse began in 2006

CR breaks out the data reflecting previosuly strong housing markets now succumbing to the collapse:

…six markets – Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Portland (OR), Seattle and Tampa – hit their lowest levels since home prices started to fall in 2006 and 2007…

Blitzer says the double dip is ‘almost here’ (from here in Phoenix I can tell you it has been here for a while, TPTB have just been hoping and praying it would ‘go away’ all by itself, NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

The US economy and the US consumer, and therefore, the global economy, which is dependent upon the US consumer, WILL NOT RECOVER until they FIX HOUSING. DO HOLC.


Obama and Geithner have left the BANKS in charge of this, the GSEs and the TBTF keep shuffling paper back and forth for buybacks and assorted BS. GET REAL, THE TAXPAYERS ARE ON THE HOOK FOR ALL OF IT AND WE ALL KNOW IT, JUST BITE THE BULLET AND DO THE DAMNED WRITE DOWNS.

The TBTF seem to be incapable of doing what NEEDS to be done to allow the economy to recover, the CONSUMER needs to be deleveraged from their massive housing debt. JUST DO IT.


..The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller composite index of 20 metropolitan areas declined 1.0 percent in October from September on a seasonally adjusted basis, a much steeper drop than the 0.6 percent fall expected by economists….

Case-Shiller: Housing in Double Dip , fourth co…, posted with vodpod

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*Golden* Years ~ Shiny back above $1400 – up $18 to $1402

Shiny back above $1400 as Case Shiller reminds TPTB that we are in a double dip in housing, (more on that later). Copper hitting another high, FCX moving to a high with it… I think the USD will rise, but Gold Copper, Silver will decouple, heh, from their traditional moves and will move HIGHER WITH the USD. Yeppers, sounds crazy but that’s what I think and I am playing accordingly….commodities baby FTW!

We need a new ‘Gold’ tune….

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Happy Hanukkah!

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Big Talk ~ House Democrats roll over and show their yellow bellies

All talk, no action. Pathetic. Must suck to be a neoprog or lib right now.

Obama has now given away THE RAISON D’ETRE of BEING a Democrat- the idea that tax cuts are ineffective as a form of stimulus. He basically conceded demand side is dead and embraced Friedman, waiting for him to bust out a chart with Austan NAFTA DOUBLESPEAK Goolsbee doing the Laffer Curve, BWAAAHAA!!

Big Talk, epty suits. All hat, no cattle. Gee, who could  have known you need LEADERSHIP from the top, and a FIGHTER?? All we Hillary supporters that’s who.

Obama = FAIL

Get used to it Democrats, without a Clinton at the top the party is SO OVER.

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On the 8th day pre-Christmas Obama gave to me, President Hill-a-ree!

…and in a follow up to giving us 20 mins of President Big Dawg explaining supply side economics, today Obama left the podium to Hillary to explain why we are staying in Af-Pak til ’14.

If he keeps leaving grown ups at the podium, and actually lets them make decisions, since he told business leaders yesterday he is more of a ‘collaborator’ (yeah I totally get that, France WWII, yep I can see it all, cough), anyway, go have a summit and let the actual LEADERS make the tough calls and maybe we can get back on track..



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‘Key Largo’ in the WH press room ~ Big Dawg takes the podium

There was only 1 President at that lecturn yesterday and it showed.

Hint~ he didn’t ‘rush off’ to take his wife to a party, he stayed for 30 minutes of questions about taxes, the economy and Foreign Policy.

He didn’t act like he weas doing us a favor when he was POTUS and he still doesn’t. He is really passionate about what he thinks the country needs.

The other guy left for a party.

I turned on the TV and thought I was having a flashback or dreaming, there was Big Dawg passionately engaging the press on the US economy and what we need. He supports PAYROLL TAX CUTS as the best form of tax cuts to boost the economy. Thank you Bill.

Obama looked like the empty suit he is, just standing there, totally ineffectual as per usual.

We saw who the Great Communicator POTUS of our generation was/is, and his name is William Jefferson Clinton. As Krauthammer said, whoever suggested Bill take the podium is now no doubt off at their new assignment in the gulag.

Only someone as arrogant and narcissitic as Obama could possibly think it would be a good idea to bring out the Big Dawg into the press room to remind the American people of what a REAL DEMOCRATIC POTUS, a REAL CARING POTUS, an actual economically literate POTUS is like in that setting.

Bill rattled off all the information, EXTEMPORANEOUSLY, sans notes or TOTUS of course, totally engaging with the press. The sound of his ring thumping against the lecturn as he spoke brought back memories.

Sniff. I miss Bill.

We had it all baby, just like Bogey and Bacall…..

Click through if Sony wont let us listen to Bertie here!

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