WOW! Darabont fires entire Walking Dead writing staff…

Oh boy. Please please don’t ruin this show!!!

Blastr has it:

…According to Deadline, Darabont canned all the writers for the show, including executive producer and second-in-command Charles “Chic” Eglee. It’s not unusual for TV show writing staffs to go through changes between seasons, and sometimes the staff is even “laid off” temporarily during a hiatus. But Darabont’s move is more surprising, as is the news that he might not even retain a staff for the show’s second season.

Instead, Darabont may use freelance writers to pen the scripts for season two rather than keeping a full team of scribes on the payroll. When you look at the credits for the show’s first season, it kind of makes sense: Darabont himself wrote two of the six episodes and was heavily involved in rewriting or co-writing the other four. Of those, two were written by outside writers, one was penned by Glen Mazzara, and the fourth was written by Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic book on which the show is based. So it doesn’t appear that the full-time staff was a necessity….

OH NOES, We don’t get S2 until next Halloween :0(, well that makes sense I guess but wahh anyway~

…AMC doesn’t plan to launch season two until around Halloween of next year…

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What do you do for $:Fed reveals partial data on emergency lending facilities, still mum on discount window

Update: Well, it would appear absolutely EVERYONE got a bailout except the middle class. And I do mean everyone.

Zero Hedge breaks down the 35 foreign banks that the Fed bailed out here.

…$1.27 trillion in agency MBS was traded by foreign banks…

led by the $410 billion by German-based Deutsche Bank ..

…the $382 billion by the Switzerland-based Credit Suisse.

Other highlights of the disclosure include that GE among other commercial endeavors got $ from the Fed, and that the Fed has essentially been taking all the polluted assets from everyone with a pulse (again, except for the US middle class consumer/homeowner who has been lectured about ‘moral hazard’ and whose house has been foreclosed upon):

.the Federal Reserve purchased $1.25 trillion in agency MBS from all participating banks.

Goldman Sachs borrowed 84 times from Fed’s dealer facility (PDCF) from Sept. 15 to 11/26/08 for amounts ranging from $100m to $8b

Bank of America borrowed 118 times from the PDCF from Sept 18 2008 to May 2009, in amount ranging from $375 million to $11 billion.

And even CA Pension funds got in on the bail out action, per ZeroHedge:

Looking at the TALF data, we see that the biggest borrower by subscription is Calpers, with a total of about $5.4 billion

Federal Reserve data breakdown and press release here. More from WSJ here


…The data released Wednesday include short-term liquidity moves for financial institutions and companies made as part of the Fed’s traditional role as lender of last resort, liquidity injections directly to borrowers and investors in key credit markets and financial support for Bear Stearns Cos. and American International Group Inc. (See all the data from the Fed)

Fed officials reported details on more than 21,000 transactions from December 2007 to July 2010. The emergency programs caused the size of the Fed’s balance sheet to swell. (See a history of the Fed’s lending)…

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