Left shocked to discover ‘Waffles’ Obama not a fighter

Update: More from Jonah Goldberg on Obama as Bush 41

They are Shocked I say! Meet The Stranger you elected. He has important Hawaii Christmas Vacation plans people! He cannot be bothered to stay around and deal with this ‘symbolic fight’! BWAAAAHAAAA!

As for me, well I was wrong, wrong, wrong. In fact I have never been so, so wrong and felt so, so good about it.

I have said a thousand times Obama would never ever extend the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%. I have said a thousand times the business community and GOP strategists who claimed Obama would extend these tax cuts were in DENIAL. Seems I was just wrong! Obama has reversed himself on his most loudly touted base promise in his entire campaign, that the tax cuts for ‘the rich’ must not be extended. What a reversal.

Did he do it in a Trumanesque fightin’ way? or in a smooth Big Dawg Reversal of Fortune move to the center?

Nah, he collapsed like a wet noodle.

I LOVE the payroll tax holiday, we have been pushing it here for a while, following in the footsteps of Scott Brown who brought it to the Senate floor for a vote where it was defeated by DEMOCRATS. A good ROI IMO.

Don’t kid yourselves, Obama was SELECTED to cut SS, period. Whether we get to keep more of our earned money in our paycheks for a year is irrelevant in re SS Funding. The FIX IS IN. So enjoy the extra $ in your paychecks while you can, assuming you have a paycheck in the Obamaconomy.

Turns out the UE extension is NOT for the 99ers. Those folks are finally out of time. So Obama did a deal that didn’t help the people he said he was most concerned about. Again.

…The 99ers are unemployed American Job Seekers who have EXHAUSTED all forms of jobless benefits extensions.

These 6 Million and growing jobless individuals have been without any form of supplemental income payments since April 30, 2010. The 99ers are  those who were NOT included in the reported President Obama compromise deal’ with Republican Senate and House leadership.

Two Million job seekers unemployment benefits were exhausted on November 30th.  This group is the ones that were included in the ” with the GOP…

Like Healthcare and Housing which were run by AHIP, Pharma and TBTF.

Empty Suit has now caved on his primary promise to his ‘base’, what’s left of it. I agree with Ed at HotAir, this is not a Bill Clinton moderation, this is  G HW Bush ‘Read My Lips’ betrayal of his primary constituency.

…Any progressive populist worth his salt opposed them and pledged to reverse those tax rates — as did Obama on a number of occasions.  Similarly, conservatives oppose tax increases, and when George H. W. Bush caved to Democrats after telling voters to “read his lips” in pledging “no new taxes,” it undermined his standing with the base entirely.  This is Obama’s “Read my lips” moment with the Left, and the war between them has just broken out….

We get growth, and Obama gets exposed as the empty, centreless, directionless ‘pragmatist’ aka passive-aggressive caver in chief that he is.

A twofer!

And for added Karmic Goodness, Jake Tapper reports that a WH ‘spokesperson’ called out Schumer specifically for failing to fight. Recall Halperin’s book revealed it was Chuckie Cheese Schumer with Dingy Reid who setup the back stabbing meeting to CONVINCE Obama to run against Hillary back in the Senate. What a prxck. Well reap what you have sown Chuck.

…“It was like the Jets versus Sharks except there weren’t any Jets,” the official said. “Senator Schumer says he wants a fight? He couldn’t hold his caucus together.”…

Yeah let him eat his waffle Chuck. You picked him, now deal with it like the rest of America.


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