‘Key Largo’ in the WH press room ~ Big Dawg takes the podium

There was only 1 President at that lecturn yesterday and it showed.

Hint~ he didn’t ‘rush off’ to take his wife to a party, he stayed for 30 minutes of questions about taxes, the economy and Foreign Policy.

He didn’t act like he weas doing us a favor when he was POTUS and he still doesn’t. He is really passionate about what he thinks the country needs.

The other guy left for a party.

I turned on the TV and thought I was having a flashback or dreaming, there was Big Dawg passionately engaging the press on the US economy and what we need. He supports PAYROLL TAX CUTS as the best form of tax cuts to boost the economy. Thank you Bill.

Obama looked like the empty suit he is, just standing there, totally ineffectual as per usual.

We saw who the Great Communicator POTUS of our generation was/is, and his name is William Jefferson Clinton. As Krauthammer said, whoever suggested Bill take the podium is now no doubt off at their new assignment in the gulag.

Only someone as arrogant and narcissitic as Obama could possibly think it would be a good idea to bring out the Big Dawg into the press room to remind the American people of what a REAL DEMOCRATIC POTUS, a REAL CARING POTUS, an actual economically literate POTUS is like in that setting.

Bill rattled off all the information, EXTEMPORANEOUSLY, sans notes or TOTUS of course, totally engaging with the press. The sound of his ring thumping against the lecturn as he spoke brought back memories.

Sniff. I miss Bill.

We had it all baby, just like Bogey and Bacall…..

Click through if Sony wont let us listen to Bertie here!


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