Big Talk ~ House Democrats roll over and show their yellow bellies

All talk, no action. Pathetic. Must suck to be a neoprog or lib right now.

Obama has now given away THE RAISON D’ETRE of BEING a Democrat- the idea that tax cuts are ineffective as a form of stimulus. He basically conceded demand side is dead and embraced Friedman, waiting for him to bust out a chart with Austan NAFTA DOUBLESPEAK Goolsbee doing the Laffer Curve, BWAAAHAA!!

Big Talk, epty suits. All hat, no cattle. Gee, who could  have known you need LEADERSHIP from the top, and a FIGHTER?? All we Hillary supporters that’s who.

Obama = FAIL

Get used to it Democrats, without a Clinton at the top the party is SO OVER.


December 16, 2010. Tags: , , , . Economy, Hillary Clinton, Obama Administration, Politics, Popular Culture, Taxes, Unemployment Statistics, Wall St.

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