Rep. Gabby Giffords & 3 staff members shot in Tucson, please pray for them

God Bless Gabby and her staff, please pray for them. Gabby Giffords D-AZ is often on the other side of positions, but no one should ever doubt she loves this country and does what she believes is right for her constituents.

She is a bright, energetic, outgoing, young Congresswoman, an American patriot who is serving her country.

God Bless her and the staff, prayers are with them.

FOX is now reporting 12 people were shot at the Safeway where Gabby was holding an open meet and greet with Tucson constituents. God Bless them. The gunman is in custody.

My son and I just watched her reading the Constitution this week. This attack is a cowardly assault on our country and our leadership.

January 8, 2011. Tags: , , . Politics. 2 comments.

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