How can he sleep when Benghazi’s burnin’? How can he golf when our world stops turnin’?

Update 3/16/11: As we have all feared, Obama’s dithering and the vacuum of leadership in the world that results has allowed Qadaffi to launch what his troops have announced will be the ‘cleansing’ of Benghazi.

…A sample quote via the Journal from a Libyan man who had to flee Ajdabiya with his kids when Qaddafi’s goons rolled into town: “Tell Obama I’m pleading with him—launch just one airstrike here. Prove that Gadhafi was wrong when he said that America only cares about business interests, not human rights.”

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AP is hard on Hillary for her responses in an interview on CNN, but we all know it is Obama who makes the decisions, or rather it is Obama who FAILS to make the decisions. The SoS can not unilaterally take action. Al Haig once announced he was ‘ in charge’ and the nation freaked out, if a CLINTON! did it..fugedaboudit.

President Present:

…Libyan rebels holed up in Benghazi are preparing to make their last stand, with all that entails; cable news is wall-to-wall with updates on how much worse than Three Mile Island the situation in Japan is and whether Californians should be stockpiling iodide. And meanwhile, this guy’s talking about Pitt’s perimeter game….

Will President Peace-Prize stir himself when Qadaffi begins to burn hundreds of thousands in Benghazi? Will the EverLovinMedia provide ground cover and a media blackout of the slaughter as Obama plays 18 holes?

God help us all.

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