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Hillary greets Emperor of Japan, keeps spine straight like steel, announces help for our ally

This is how you do it.

Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko greet U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to tea at the Imperial Palace Residence. Reuters.

Compare/Contrast with this~

weak spine, weak leadership

And she is having tea with them Mr Obama. Somehow I still don’t think that precludes her gaining foreign policy experience (despite the Obama Campaign comments to the contrary  in 08.  snarky bastards)

Interestingly, now the MFM are calling her MS. Clinton. Hmm. Maybe they are seeing her for herself finally. The international MFM anyway.

…In her prepared remarks, Ms. Clinton also stressed the strength of the U.S.-Japan military alliance, calling it a “cornerstone” of security in East Asia.

Japanese Foreign Minister Matsumoto thanked Ms. Clinton for the U.S. military’s disaster relief and recovery efforts. “We would like to express gratitude for working with us around the clock since the earthquake,” he said. Mr. Matsumoto added Japan would strive to provide full and transparent disclosure at home and abroad about the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

During an overnight trip to Seoul, Ms. Clinton met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, emphasizing economic connections rather than security ties. That appeared to signal the two countries are for the moment content with their relative strategies vis-à-vis North Korea….

And with BiBi~ yes Hillary would have been WORLDS APART from Obama on foreign policy with our sister Israel.

Hannity finally admitted last week on his show, Great American Panel portion, that he should not have started the ‘Stop Hillary Express’, that he was wrong. Yeah we hear that a lot. Sigh.

’16. Please Hillary. ’16.

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