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July 21, 2016 Full GOP Nomination Acceptance Speech Added courtesy of RightSide Broadcasting~

We won The Presidency tonight folks!!! #TrumpPence2016 #MAGA #TeamUSA #TrumpYears



In 2007 I supported Hillary Clinton.

That Hillary Clinton spoke for the middle class, the blue collar workers, the coal country, spoke of redoing NAFTA, spoke of strengthening America for our children.

The Hillary running in 2016 has none of those issues in her platform. She is running to the left of Obama who has been a total disaster for the country.

There is ONLY ONE candidate running in 2016 who supports the American middle class, his name is Donald J Trump.

The United States has been strip-mined by the Chamber of Commerce and the multinational corporations masquerading as US companies when they need something (Tim Cook suddenly discovered Apple is American and entitled to protection under our Constitution despite running slave labor shops in China, giving them access to iphones to spy on their people, giving NSA access to all our data and keeping trillions overseas).

The economy in the US has been a total shxt show since 2000, with the acceleration (hide the decline!) increasing exponentially under the massive spending and additional entitlements as well as endless, unpaid for military action overseas under GOP.

I joined the Tea Party and we tried to lobby Congress (like the Constitution says remember?) for redress of our grievances the way every other left oriented and corporate oriented group does. We were harassed, ridiculed, blacklisted, audited and abandoned by the very members we elected (looking at you Rube).

One person has spoken for the millions upon millions of Americans who look at tv shows produced by globalist tools masquerading as US companies night after night and wonder what the hell happened to the country.

That candidate is Donald J. Trump.

Tomorrow Arizona will deliver its winner take all delegates to the only candidate who speaks for us, Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump will exceed 1237 delegates and he will be the GOP nominee. Then Donald J. Trump will have an EPIC General Election sweep, because millions upon millions of people such as myself have had it with the BS and we understand that our children will have nothing if we do not act to elect someone who cares about the American people.

I maxed out donating to Hillary in 2007. I became a registered member of the GOP in 2010 and worked hard to elect the GOP to the House. In 2012 I supported Romney and donated to him. In 2014 I worked hard to help the GOP take the Senate.

The GOP as currently constituted is NOT, I repeat NOT, representing the interests of the American people. They work for the Chamber of Commerce and K Street. They had multiple chances to act in the interests of the American people and they failed. They are useless quislings who mock the way of life of the American middle class.

The People’s voice and the People’s Choice is Donald J. Trump.

Note to the GOP: If Donald J. Trump wins the most delegates of any other GOP nominee, and you deny him the nomination, we are NOT SITTING HOME DEMORALIZED.

We will have a riot at the ballot box and it will be  a downticket bloodbath for anyone running with an R after their name. (yes haters, we use our VOTES as our VOICES not our fists).

We will vote OUT every single Congressman and Senator to make sure YOU go down with the country, so think hard before you deny THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AND THE PEOPLE’S VOICE.

Trump 2016 – to save America



To support Team Trump in AZ:

Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve opened a new Phoenix office! We’re open Monday through Sunday, from 9 am till 9 pm!

Mr. Trump needs your help for a resounding win here in Arizona, so please visit one of the centers below to get active!

Phoenix Office – Cave Creek / 101 – Call & Canvassing Center

2340 E. Beardsley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85024 – Click here for an online map! 

Mesa Office – Call Center

605 E. McKellips Rd. Mesa, AZ – Click here for an online map!

Thank you for your continued support but we’re not done yet, please visit one of our offices to help Make America Great Again!

Charles Munoz
Arizona State Director 

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