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Boticelli’s Birth of Venus

Yeah maybe not~

My family had been planning a trip to Italy for our upcoming vacation. Despite the ‘migrant crisis’, we had hoped to go anyway, not wanting to let terrorists or politics interfere in our living our dreams.

But of course not letting others Determine how you live your life and having common sense to stay out of danger are not the same at all.

Perillo Tours must be seeing a dropoff in tour bookings already (and really how could they not?), because we received this in an email saying Live Life to the Fullest!

As most of you know, my family has been booking trips to Italy for 70 years. During those decades, we’ve experienced every up and down that the world could throw at us – recessions, wars, travel alerts.

And still we ran our famous tours and still people traveled with us and had once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For some, it was the culmination of a life-long dream, a trip they saved for years to take. For others, it was the last time they were healthy enough to travel and they were so glad they went instead of waiting.

The world will always be unpredictable and unstable. Need an example of that? The fall of the Roman Empire! This is nothing new. What would be new and tragic would be the temptation to give into fear and not do the one thing that gives us all so much joy – TRAVEL!

There is so much kindness and warmth in this world. Need an example? Just step foot on Italian soil and meet some of the locals. I promise you have never felt a welcome like that. For me, the good outweighs the bad. The very tiny risk is worth it to truly live a full life…

I would LOVE TO!! But the government of the EU has decided bringing in MOAR MOAR MOAR people,( most of whom refuse to assimilate) is a priority over tourism…

 …Meanwhile, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is wringing his hands in public, insisting that the end of Schengen is the end of Europe.

“Questioning the idea of ​​Schengen,” Renzi wrote yesterday, “means killing the idea of ​​Europe. We fought for decades to break down walls: to think of rebuilding them today is to betray ourselves.” He also rejected the very idea of “closing ourselves in behind walls,” saying that to do so would be to live in fear….


No travel in Sweden by train appears safe.

…f migrant news out of Europe, this time from Sweden where “gangs” of Moroccan migrant children have apparently “taken over” the Stockholm train station where, to let The Daily Mail tell it, they are “stealing, groping” and beating women…

In fact, Sweden seems lost frankly and likely has been for years but the media suppresses it all, as they do here and everywhere else under the sun:

…Afghan migrant who came to Sweden back in December has recently been convicted of the rape a 15 year old girl. The migrant applied for asylum in Sweden as an unaccompanied minor. The man submitted his request for asylum on December 14th and the very next day was arrested by Swedish police after he had raped a 15 year-old girl at the asylum home where he was placed, reports Sweden’s Friatider….

Here is a Swedish town where over half the population are ‘refugees’:

…As a refugee named Issa, who declined to give his surname due to fears of repercussions for his family back in Syria, put it, “The city is mostly Iraqi and Syrian immigrants, but some Swedes live here too.”…

Emphasis mine. Read the whole thing, because the Syrian Christian migrants who came 20 years ago have Syrian Orthodox Christian churches and are now feeling conflict with the latest refugees, many, most?, of whom are Muslims.

Money quote on that:

…The Assyrian Christians generally lived apart from their Muslim counterparts back home, and have brought their cultural tensions with them. Many point out that there is no mosque in Sodertalje. “If they built a mosque there would be trouble here,” said Deniz Can, who immigrated decades ago….

…“However,” he said, “If this continues with Muslim and Christian immigration, where will the war be in 50 years? It will be in Sweden.”

The Wile E Coyote plan the EU has put together is a three card monte of Wheres the Refugee?!:

..For every Syrian returned, another Syrian in Turkey will be relocated to a European country, but there is no such promise in place for asylum seekers of other nationalities who make up more than half of arrivals….

Oh sure that’ll work! Now they can commit rape and hop to the next EU country rape there and so on and so forth, Breck shampoo rape ad from hell makes itself.

…Figures from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) show that while Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis make up the majority of arrivals in Greece, most of those currently landing in Italy are from African nations including Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal and Mali…

And what’s ahead for Italy?

MishTalk c/o ZeroHedge shows us the insanity of EU bureaucrat centralized planning:


by Mike Mish Shedlock via ZeroHedge and Mishtalk

Yeah that won’t increase chaos and attract more terrorist activity at all.

So no travel to Italy as my family had planned:

…Gentiloni put the total number of asylum seekers having made the crossing in the first three months of 2016 at 18,234.

This is 80% more refugees than in the first three months of 2015, and concern in the country is growing. If the Ministry of the Interior’s estimates are correct, 270,000 refugees will reach the country this year.

The latest spike in arrivals from the Central Mediterranean route, which involves a boat crossing from Libya, is largely down to the arrival of good weather after a mild Easter. But the Italian authorities fear that new routes will open up from Greece and Turkey following the EU-Turkey agreement and the closing of the Macedonian border…

The  ‘migrant refugees’ continue to pour across Europe, bringing their culture of liberty, brotherood, classical Enlightenment values, tolerance and diversity with them.

Or perhaps not, HotGas.net has the deets via Breitbart:

If they make me go back to Turkey I’ll throw myself and my family into the sea,” Mr. Mustafa, a Syrian waiting with his wife and children at the port of Chios island told Greek news agency ANA…

This has been going on for years and years and only now is the lid coming off as the exponential increase in ‘migrants’ leaves the corrupt government-media complex unable to cover it up.

The manufactured ‘refugee crisis’ appears to be a way to simultaneously wipeout national borders and culture, eliminate the K pool of genes and flood the zone with r gened millions (go watch these videos from Stefan Molyneux Gene Wars), and allow the Central Bank Monsters of the world to FLOOD the globe with money to prop up the fractional reserve lending system and the banksta hordes:

The report also says that 83 per cent of the 1,652 false papers seized at ports and airports by border officials in 2012 were either from the EU or the European Economic Area, made up of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the European Free Trade Association and 27 member states of the EU..
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2550364/Secret-Home-Office-dossier-reveals-thousands-migrants-cheating-way-benefits-sham-marriages-organised-crime.html#ixzz44yuuXfyc
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So is every government in the EU incompetent?  (probably theyre centralized which breeds corruption and malfeasance). Bit of that combined with the fact that they want these people there. If the governments of ANY of these nations, including ours, wanted the ‘migrant’ flow stopped, it would stop.

They want this. Understand that. Vote them out if you can, Quickly.

This has gone on for over 5 years with no changes.


 …because of EU rules on freedom of movement, only those sentenced to at least two years in prison face deportation after they complete their punishment….

…One police leader said last week that a simple caution could take six hours to issue to a foreign offender who did not speak English….

BREXIT anyone?

Round robin with migrants EU wide

…More than 51,000 migrants and refugees remain in Greece since border closures along the Balkans last month. Hundreds of migrants who on Friday broke out of the Chios holding facility in protest at the deal are at the island’s port. Hundreds of migrants in mainland Greece are also protesting to demand the borders open.

Arrivals to the islands remained steady on Sunday, two weeks since March 20, with 514 migrants, including many Syrians and Iraqis, crossing from Turkey through Sunday morning. Of those, 364 arrived on Lesbos, authorities said…

But don’t worry!! The ‘new and improved Marxist Liberation Theologian dressed as the Holy Father’  will come wash feet and guilt everyone into destroying their culture in Greece this time:


The Greek Orthodox Church on Tuesday said it had accepted a suggestion from Pope Francis that he visit Greece to highlight the plight of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict.

The Holy Synod, the ruling body of the Greek Orthodox Church, said in a statement that it wants the pontiff to visit Lesbos, the Aegean island where hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants have arrived in the past year….

Because his trip to the islands off Italy worked so well for that native population right?


…Francis, an Argentine Jesuit, met and spoke to a few migrants, then rode in an open-topped car – rather than the Popemobile often used by predecessors – to the site for Mass, near a “boat cemetery” where the hulks of shipwrecked migrant boats lie in the sun….

…The Pope called for a “reawakening of consciences” to counter the “indifference” shown to migrants.

“We have lost a sense of brotherly responsibility,” he said, and “have forgotten how to cry” for migrants lost at sea….


‘Migrants’ take over Italian tourist isle- but are given water and bused back to the hotels formerly occupied by tourists-

…The migrants were then transported on buses back to the Pirri hotel on the outskirts of Cagliari, which has been turned into a makeshift immigrant shelter and where the migrants have been residing for several weeks.

The migrants are demanding to leave the island, which is roughly the size of New Hampshire, and to be taken elsewhere, since the majority would like to be able to continue traveling north into Europe. Many have refused to participate in identification procedures for fear of not being able to leave Sardinia….



‘Migrant refugees’ arrive in Palermo by the boatload Eurinews: http://www.euronews.com/2015/08/24/italy-more-than-1500-migrants-arrive-in-sicily-and-sardinia/

So the beauty and culture and history our family and millions of others hoped to experience is not an option for many of us. The Brits should get the hell out of the EU while they can, embrace their culture and repeal their BS hate laws. (This sentence censored no doubt in the UK).

The government that would cover master works to ‘protect’ the ‘sensibilities’ or the Iranian officials touring the EU on a spending spree with US taxpayer dollars is not going to get this right.  People of Europe WAKE UP.



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