Truckin’: Paul Ryan & GOPe increase H2B Visas 400% for Truck Driver jobs after GOPe funds NAFTA Superhighway between Mexico US & Canada

You rubes didn’t think all that transcontintental commerce was going to give YOU jobs did you?

‘course not. Say hello to the latest wave of work visas- H2Bs for Truck Drivers.

…“The more than 2,000 page year-end funding bill contains a dramatic change to federal immigration law that would increase by as much as four-fold the number of low-wage foreign workers provided to employers under the controversial H-2B visa programme, beyond what is currently allowed,” said Senator Jeff Sessions.

Sessions said that the H-2B visas will soar from 66,000 to 250,000 because of the language in the deal.

These foreign workers are brought in exclusively to fill blue collar non-farm jobs in hotels, restaurants, construction, truck driving and many other occupations sought by millions of Americans, he said….

There is only 1 job they won’t outsource or replace with visas, their own.

GOPe funds NAFTA Superhighway. Wave goodbye to our CDL jobs America.

…There are 12 highway segments added as high priority corridors within the FAST Act. I-11 is the Intermountain West Corridor that’s part of the western offshoot of a primary set of NAFTA corridors known as CANAMEX. The FAST Act also added one from Raleigh, North Carolina to Norfolk, Virginia, and others like the Sonoran Corridor connecting two interstates south of the Tucson Airport, a corridor from Denver, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah, a corridor connecting Interstate-81 at the intersection of Interstate-86 in New York to the border with Canada, and another called the Central Texas Corridor from I-10 following Route 190 eastward to Highway 63 at the Sabine River Bridge at Burrs Crossing. Most of these high priority corridors represent just one segment of a larger North American trade corridor system that ultimately connects trade hubs and ports in the United States with trade hubs and ports in Mexico and Canada.

Both the Central Texas Corridor and the Intermountain West Corridor also achieved interstate status in the bill, with the Central Texas Corridor officially designated as Interstate-14 and the Intermountain West Corridor as Interstate-11. This designation qualifies these corridors for federal grants – essentially taxpayer dollars – they couldn’t otherwise access, including intelligent transportation system grants to track commercial vehicles….

The Donald warned us MEXICO IS THE NEW CHINA. These H2B visas and Superhighway funding bills are proof he is right.

…The economic drain from the McConnell-Ryan boost global trade has received with passage of the FAST Act by a Republican Congress will continue to adversely affect American jobs and wages, until a president and a new Congress take firm steps to reverse it. Americans cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and wait for help to arrive. Voters must make it a major campaign issue across the board. They must hold incumbents accountable for their coziness with the special interests pushing for such giveaways and taxpayer subsidies at the end of a congressional session like those inserted into the FAST Act, with rushed House and Senate passage on December 3rd just ahead of Christmas recess. The FAST Act was signed by President Obama on Friday, December 4, becoming Public Law 114-94….

So GOPe thinks we should welcome foreign workers driving trucks across the southern border to Canada. What could go wrong?

We’re on the Highway to Hell. We need #Trump2016!!

Note: H2B visas cover construction workers too. Perfect. The Superhighway will be built by foreign labor.


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  1. Roswo replied:

    Awsome post and awsome music to drive the point home.
    Thank you MiM for keeping us informed on what the powers that be try to hide from us!


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