California Primary ~TickTock Third World Clock

Update: Andrew, God Bless him, is still speaking to us and he made sure this got linked in comments at CT today.

Video courtesy of Independent Film, News & Media

It’s much later than most of us realized.

Video by TrumpforPresident2016

The San Jose Domestic Terrorism reminded me of all the horrible video we’ve seen from Europe. The woman cornered against glass and denied entry by Marriot was surrounded just like the women of Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria in Tarrarhush (sp). If not for the slime media she would likely have been attacked further.

Watching the reports slowly trickling out of Europe I kept asking why why are they letting this happen? They probably were lied to by their politicians as we have been, and all the crimes covered up just as our media do here. They probably didn’t know how late the time was just as we didn’t here..until San Jose.


Jim Hoft and Stefan have write-ups and video of just how late the time is. Here is Sundance at CT:

…The inflection point is now in your rear view mirror. If conflict is uncomfortable for you, it’s too late.  Every approach you previously took to express your political views and positions is now completely irrelevant.  We’re going to the mattresses, we are well beyond the point of talking about if we are going to the mattresses – it’s happening….

Time has come today. Time. California (and NJ, Montana, SD, NM)please go vote Trump in YYYYUUUUUGE numbers to show corrupt media and DC Elitist hacks (Ryan, McConnell, all the fxcks who bashed The Don for his rallygoers being attacked and brutally beaten by thugs in the streets of an American city while a racial supremacy group openly runs the local government and the LaRaza police chief, mayor and judge nod in approval) that Americans will not be bullied or shamed into silence as our culture is shredded and our country invaded and given away.

Video by jawright3130

Stefan has been warning us for a long time. San Jose was an alarm clock blaring that we had hit snooze waaay too many times already.

They can’t stop the signal Mal. Donald J Trump is ALREADY the President of the United States.

All that we choose is how we want to experience the restoration President Trump is going to bring about. With joy and gratitude, our shoulders to the wheel, or in panic and fear as the media, the corrupt DC establishment and the invaders from within and without our culture try to harm us emotionally, spiritually and perhaps physically.

They can’t stop the signal. It’s The Fourth Turning.

President Trump is Making America Great Again. All aboard!!!

The lifeline for the United States is Donald J. Trump.



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