President Trump Rally ~ Prescott Valley, AZ 10-04-16

Our President was on FIYAH today. It was worth a 6am shuttle up north and an 8 hour wait for our man Trump to address us. He does not disappoint. A few photos and video follow.

This man is ready to take us closer to the Promised Land then we’ve ever been this side of the veil folks. Let’s do this!!!!

line is already long at 8:00am, 6 hours before the rally is scheduled to begin, one dude slept here to get a good spot :0)


I met lovely folks from Phoenix who drove up (2.5 hours). They were originally from North Dakota, we talked a lot about energy and the Canadian healthcare system. Folks up north get a lot of Canucks border crossing for medical care here in good ole’ USA. I told them about ConservativeTreehouse, RightSide , HotGas and ZeroHedge :0)

I met a guy with a doctorate who now makes medical devices, he had some strong words for the Shrill One (Hillary not Levin HA!) and the constant harangue that the college grad demographic is antiTrump. Four of five I spoke to at length had secondary degrees. VFW members, young girls taking endless selfies with Don at the lecturn over their shoulder (they were super excited).

Team Trump is a melting pot baby, and we’re all incredibly proud to be American.


Photos and video below~

an hour later the line has begun wrapping around the corner and will start looping back as we do our impression of The Snake waiting for our President


All the Trumpeneurs were out selling awesome Trump swag, we Deplorables wore it well :0)


11:00am doors open and in we go20161004_114808

Lots of young Deplorables, Vet Deplorables, Irredeemable women abound


the area right in front of us will fill in with volunteers who worked the phone bank for the campaign

20161004_122937Place filling up


On the shuttle on the way back to Phoenix, a woman tapped me and gave me a thumbs up and mouthed GO TRUMP!!! (silent Monster voters lurking in the closet, gonna jump out and scare the media come Nov 8th)

the shuttle driver waited til everyone was off to come tell me Trump MUST win. He does some work with the Sheriff’s department and he said things are bad getting worse fast and we need Trump NOW. He served in the military and his contacts tell him we are in serious trouble with the level of depletion and again, we need Trump NOW.

RightSide was at the event showing us the crowd ~here is President Trump’s speech

and the entire event ~

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    Trump’s speeches are getting better and better! Yesterday’s was awesomely epic!!!!!!!!!!


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