Trump rally – Phoenix, Aug. 22, 2017


The Phoenix police made sure we were safe from the violent protesters. They directed us away from them as we left the venue (unlike say, San Jose, where the police forced Trump supporters to walk a gauntlet of violence). As we were leaving, the people Reuters refers to as ‘peace activists’ were throwing flares at the police department and trying to break out of their area to get to the Trump Rally attendees who were exiting.

The police had a line of mounted officers blocking the street leading to the public parking lot so that we could get to our vehicles safely. The horses were wearing protective eye gear and the Trump Rally goers thanked every officer they passed. It was the antithesis to how security was handled in San Jose and Charlottesville. We were safe because law enforcement acted to maintain law and order, something that IMO, politicians in other cities prevented by ordering LEO’S to stand down.


God Bless America. Thank you LEOs.

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Volunteered. Wound up working VIP line. *Got to meet our awesome President!* (as soon as I receive the photo I will post it)

Met the Awesome wonky wonderful policy advisor and speech writer Stephen Miller.



The Beast


The President brought Trent Franks R AZ and Andy Biggs R AZ up on stage



Oh what a night.



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  1. TakeBackOurRepublic replied:

    Wow, that must’ve been just awesome. Thanks for sharing. You are a patriot!

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  2. Cliff replied:

    Thanks for the link on CTH! I’ll start following you also. I’m Cliff on there, I post here and there and am from Indiana. Glad it was such a great experience for you!

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  3. deanfitz replied:

    Oh what a night.Back in August late 17.What a very special time for me,
    ‘Cause I remember what a night.Oh, what a night,
    Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me.The president was everything id thought he was.Oh what a night

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