‘The Hurt Locker’ sweeps Best Picture and Best Director

Happy Dance!! All our picks won!! Oh I hope the elections are like this! Woot!

Jeff Bridges Best Actor

Sandra Bullock Best Actress

Kathryn Bigelow, Best Director

Hurt Locker, Best Picture


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Breaking the celluloid ceiling: Kathryn Bigelow wins Directors Guild of America award for ‘The Hurt Locker’…

Right on. An incredible and powerful film, ‘The Hurt Locker’ keeps beating ‘Avatar’. Shockingly, Bigelow is the first woman to win this award in the history of the DGA. (and I must fess up and admit that I really get a kick out of her beating Cameron over and over, especially since he is her ex, lol).


Kathryn Bigelow has won the Directors Guild of America award for directing “The Hurt Locker,” becoming the first woman to do so in the 62 years of the DGA awards.Bigelow’s win was announced Saturday night at the conclusion of the DGA awards ceremonies at the Century Plaza. She defeated James Cameron for “Avatar,” Lee Daniels for “Precious,” Jason Reitman for “Up in the Air” and Quentin Tarantino for “Inglourious Basterds.”

Bigelow, who shot the gritty drama in Jordan, was only the seventh female to be nominated for the DGA trophy.

Bigelow said she was “stunned, honored and proud” in her brief acceptance speech.

“I felt A deep obligation to tell this story with as much honesty as possible,” she added. “This is the most incredible moment of my life.”

The DGA award is viewed as a reliable predictor of the Academy Award for best director. The same director has won both in all but six years since 1948, including last year, when Danny Boyle won both trophies for “Slumdog Millionaire.”…

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Oscar Night – hoping Hurt Locker puts the hurt on Cameron…

Our previous posts on the Hurt Locker here. Our previous posts on Avatar here.

IMO Cameron has been running a dirty little campaign against his ex Kathryn Bigelow and her Hurt Locker. Is ‘Hurt Locker’ entirely accurate? no (is anything in TinselTown?!). Is it the most positive view of the military in Hollywood since Capra? Hell yes.

 Is Cameron a sexist prick for saying in interviews Bigelow would win because it would be impossible for the academy to resist giving the first woman the statue for directorial work? IMO- damn right he is,the jealous frakker.

 Bigelow has been kicking Cameron’s smurfy ass all over from Directors Guild to the Critics Choice Awards, he and his ego (apparently on par with the size of his film production budgets) can’t handle the truth, she beats him on the merits…

The poor producer of Hurt Locker can’t even attend the Oscars tonight as they were BANNED by the Academy for daring to send out an email promo that mentions Avatar spent 50 million in production and portrayed Hurt Locker as the David fighting off the mondo budget Goliath (all of which happens to be true, but Hollywood doesnt like to mix facts with their fiction apparently)

I hope Kathryn Bigelow SWEEPS the wins!! Go Hurt Locker!! (and my sentimental picks for the little statues for acting go to Sandra Bullock who has to be one of the most real peeps in Tinseltown, and Jeff Bridges who my mom tells me was superb in CrazyHeart.

 To be honest I have not watched the Oscars since Joaquin Phoenix was robbed of his rightful win for his portrayal of Johnny Cash, that was almost as bad as when they gave it to Ingrid Bergman for her 3 minutes on screen in Murder on the Orient Express as a ‘makeup Oscar’  for having denied her entire career’s work, of course Lauren Bacall should have gotten that statuette, her performance in Orient Express was fabulous, but the Academy is often blind and stoopid).

The most interesting thing would be if one of the bleeding hearts (as I was recently one myself, lol) offered to fund healthcare with the costs of the jewels and gowns of the lefty celebrities in the auditorium tonight…imagine, lol?!


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Golden Globe Nomination Roundup: ‘True Blood’ gets nods for Best Drama/Actress, ‘Mad Men’ vs ‘House’ for best actor/drama…

Not much Golden Globe excitement this year IMO.  True Blood got 2 nominations (Anna up against Kyra Sedgwick for The Closer, another great acrtess in a great role), and SciFiWire notes James Cameron is up against his ex, she for ‘The Hurt Locker’ him for the peaceful smurf movie it took a decade to make. ‘Glee’ got props (best actor/actress/musical-comedy).

Will Hugh Laurie beat Jon Hamm for Best Actor in tv drama? Hope so! (Do they give Emmys for one time directorial outings a la the upcoming Hugh Laurie directed episode of House and the Joss Whedon upcoming ‘Glee’ and past awesomeness with episodes of The Office? They should.)

Will we be forced to watch ’30 Rock’ acceptance speech clips all day again the day after the awards? Let’s hope not.

And Michael Emerson was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for LOST 🙂 It would be great if he wins, it will match his Emmy!

But in general, booooo-rrring! They need more SciFi/Fantasy/Horror series in the Golden Globes. Man oh man.

HFPA – Nominations


Simon Baker – The Mentalist (CBS)

Michael C. Hall – Dexter (SHOWTIME)

Jon Hamm – Mad Men (AMC)

Hugh Laurie – House (FOX)

Bill Paxton – Big Love (HBO)


Glenn Close – Damages (FX NETWORK)

January Jones – Mad Men (AMC)

Julianna Margulies – The Good Wife (CBS)

Anna Paquin – True Blood (HBO)

Kyra Sedgwick – The Closer (TNT)


Big Love (HBO)
Anima Sola Productions and Playtone in association with HBO Entertainment

Showtime Presents, John Goldwyn Productions, The Colleton Company, Clyde Phillips Productions

House (FOX)
Universal Media Studios in association with Heel and Toe Films, Shore Z Productions and Bad Hat Harry Productions

Mad Men (AMC)

True Blood (HBO)

Your Face Goes Here Productions in association with HBO Entertainment

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Haunted Short Stories – 7 – ‘The Upper Berth’ by F. Marion Crawford (1894)

Courtesy of ProjectGutenberg

Somebody asked for the cigars. We had talked long, and the conversation
was beginning to languish; the tobacco smoke had got into the heavy
curtains, the wine had got into those brains which were liable to become
heavy, and it was already perfectly evident that, unless somebody did
something to rouse our oppressed spirits, the meeting would soon come to
its natural conclusion, and we, the guests, would speedily go home to
bed, and most certainly to sleep. No one had said anything very
remarkable; it may be that no one had anything very remarkable to say.
Jones had given us every particular of his last hunting adventure in
Yorkshire. Mr. Tompkins, of Boston, had explained at elaborate length
those working principles, by the due and careful maintenance of which
the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fé Railroad not only extended its
territory, increased its departmental influence, and transported live
stock without starving them to death before the day of actual delivery,
but, also, had for years succeeded in deceiving those passengers who
bought its tickets into the fallacious belief that the corporation
aforesaid was really able to transport human life without destroying it.
Signor Tombola had endeavoured to persuade us, by arguments which we
took no trouble to oppose, that the unity of his country in no way
resembled the average modern torpedo, carefully planned, constructed
with all the skill of the greatest European arsenals, but, when
constructed, destined to be directed by feeble hands into a region where
it must undoubtedly explode, unseen, unfeared, and unheard, into the
illimitable wastes of political chaos.

It is unnecessary to go into further details. The conversation had
assumed proportions which would have bored Prometheus on his rock, which
would have driven Tantalus to distraction, and which would have impelled
Ixion to seek relaxation in the simple but instructive dialogues of Herr
Ollendorff, rather than submit to the greater evil of listening to our
talk. We had sat at table for hours; we were bored, we were tired, and
nobody showed signs of moving.

Somebody called for cigars. We all instinctively looked towards the
speaker. Brisbane was a man of five-and-thirty years of age, and
remarkable for those gifts which chiefly attract the attention of men.
He was a strong man. The external proportions of his figure presented
nothing extraordinary to the common eye, though his size was above the
average. He was a little over six feet in height, and moderately broad
in the shoulder; he did not appear to be stout, but, on the other hand,
he was certainly not thin; his small head was supported by a strong and
sinewy neck; his broad muscular hands appeared to possess a peculiar
skill in breaking walnuts without the assistance of the ordinary
cracker, and, seeing him in profile, one could not help remarking the
extraordinary breadth of his sleeves, and the unusual thickness of his
chest. He was one of those men who are commonly spoken of among men as
deceptive; that is to say, that though he looked exceedingly strong he
was in reality very much stronger than he looked. Of his features I need
say little. His head is small, his hair is thin, his eyes are blue, his
nose is large, he has a small moustache, and a square jaw. Everybody
knows Brisbane, and when he asked for a cigar everybody looked at him.
“It is a very singular thing,” said Brisbane.

Everybody stopped talking. Brisbane’s voice was not loud, but possessed
a peculiar quality of penetrating general conversation, and cutting it
like a knife. Everybody listened. Brisbane, perceiving that he had
attracted their general attention, lit his cigar with great equanimity.

“It is very singular,” he continued, “that thing about ghosts. People
are always asking whether anybody has seen a ghost. I have.”

“Bosh! What, you? You don’t mean to say so, Brisbane? Well, for a man of
his intelligence!”

A chorus of exclamations greeted Brisbane’s remarkable statement.
Everybody called for cigars, and Stubbs the butler suddenly appeared
from the depths of nowhere with a fresh bottle of dry champagne. The
situation was saved; Brisbane was going to tell a story.

Story continues after the break:

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