MMJ Update: Eric Holder says DOJ will ‘clarify’ position on Medical Marijuana as AZ files for Declaratory Judgment voiding AZ MMJ Law

I am holding my breath *cough* Okay, maybe not. Please don’t harsh the buzz of millions of potential MMJ patients in states that have voter passed Medical Marijuana Legislation.

God’s Garden Roolz and Big Pharma Droolz


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder promised Thursday to clarify the Justice Department’s position on state medical marijuana laws after federal prosecutors warned they might prosecute everyone from licensed growers to regulators.

“We’re going to bring clarity so that people understand what this policy means and how this policy will be implemented,” Holder said during a visit to a Providence, R.I., institute that specializes in nonviolence.

Holder didn’t go into detail about plans for clarification. But he said the department was wary of medical marijuana dispensaries being seen as a form of de facto marijuana legalization….

The Feds are worried about losing millions in ASSET FORFEITURE. Free God’s Garden for Humankind! Maybe that slogan will get lefties to join the libertarian position on this issue.

I tell ya what, Brewer couldn;t have picked a better time for pro MMJ folks. Obama is in his re-election campaign trying to rev the ‘youth vote’ that is turned off by reality of Obama’s failure and lack of jobs.

Obama has flipped and flopped and claimed he supported legalisation, then said ‘decriminalization’, then said that;s not what he meant. Let’s see what they do on this now that they want votes.

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Hillary greets Emperor of Japan, keeps spine straight like steel, announces help for our ally

This is how you do it.

Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko greet U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to tea at the Imperial Palace Residence. Reuters.

Compare/Contrast with this~

weak spine, weak leadership

And she is having tea with them Mr Obama. Somehow I still don’t think that precludes her gaining foreign policy experience (despite the Obama Campaign comments to the contrary  in 08.  snarky bastards)

Interestingly, now the MFM are calling her MS. Clinton. Hmm. Maybe they are seeing her for herself finally. The international MFM anyway.

…In her prepared remarks, Ms. Clinton also stressed the strength of the U.S.-Japan military alliance, calling it a “cornerstone” of security in East Asia.

Japanese Foreign Minister Matsumoto thanked Ms. Clinton for the U.S. military’s disaster relief and recovery efforts. “We would like to express gratitude for working with us around the clock since the earthquake,” he said. Mr. Matsumoto added Japan would strive to provide full and transparent disclosure at home and abroad about the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

During an overnight trip to Seoul, Ms. Clinton met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, emphasizing economic connections rather than security ties. That appeared to signal the two countries are for the moment content with their relative strategies vis-à-vis North Korea….

And with BiBi~ yes Hillary would have been WORLDS APART from Obama on foreign policy with our sister Israel.

Hannity finally admitted last week on his show, Great American Panel portion, that he should not have started the ‘Stop Hillary Express’, that he was wrong. Yeah we hear that a lot. Sigh.

’16. Please Hillary. ’16.

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The only likeable person on Obama’s econ team calls it quits: Miser Bros. Summers & Geithner push out Christy Romer

Gee, now we will be forced to hear the abysmal jobs numbers spun without the cheerful manner that was part of Romer’s disposition.

The 'Smartest Folks in the Country!!' Part Deux~Obama Economic Team Vogues (November 08)

Jesse’sCafeAmericain has the round-up on the departure:

Christina Romer is a fine economist, but she frankly does not have the skillset to deal with an accomplished Tidal Basin pond snakes like Larry Summers and his sidekick Tim Geithner.

She is said to have left at her own request. It is nice to see a principled resignation once in a while. Good for her. I hope that is the case. In addition to pushing for more stimulus, I had also heard that Romer was promoting Elizabeth Warren as the head of the new Financial Consumer Protection Agency, a move that is adamantly opposed by Timmy and Larry, the Rubin twins….

Tell me Geithner and Summers aren’t dopplegangers of Heat and Snow Miser…

The Miser Brothers aka Larry Summers and Tim Geithner

I mean Geithner’s profile is pretty easily identifiable..the BEST sign of the early hagiography attempts on Team O was that idiocy proclaiming GEITHNER one of the most beautiful people…

In unrelated news the Comment of the Day found on HotAir:

Excuse me, but is there any way I can get off of “As$clown Express” Airways created by the Grand As$clown himself, BHO?

-yobobbyb on August 5, 2010 at 3:04 PM

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Hillary Clinton: No Greater Danger – Protecting Our Nation…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hillary demonstrates her command of the most important issues facing us on national security. FF to 35 mins in for Q/A from the audience.

HRC answers how we will maintain our nuclear arms in START, how we are dealing with Iran, NOKO, how they kept the Dubyah NoKo method of dealing with them b/c it makes sense, Iran, China working with them on sanctions now that Russia is on board, how other diplomats abroad were not even considering sanctions as diplomacy and we pushed them on that.

She says she is a realist and we will always have nuclear weapons and we must maintain and upgrade the existing weapons to ensure their use as a deterrent is effective.

She discusses normalization of relations with Cuba and the Castro Brothers resistance to this as well. She says it is her personal belief the Castro brothers do not want to normalize relations b/c it would end their excuses for the hold they have over their people. She says democracy will come to Cuba, it is coming. She discussed how an American was arrested in Cuba recently and a Cuban prisoner who died of a hunger strike recently. She says for the first time a lot of countries realize it is not the USA preventing Cuba from normalizing and expanding its economy and international relations.

Love this woman.

more about “No Greater Danger: Protecting our Nat…“, posted with vodpod

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Housing: Treasury HAMP/Making Home Affordable Modification Servicer Status Report: just 31,000 mods made permanent

Vodpod videos no longer available.

EPIC fail. Will have video up shortly. Diana Olick broke it down, of the 3 million delinquent mortgage pool in the report,  1 million eligible, then down to 700,000 made trial mods then 30,000 of those FAILED trial mods and 31,000 passed into permanent mod status.

The % they are reaching is laughable (in an hysterical crying and screaming sort of way). The program was supposed to help 4 MILLION HOMEOWNERS. They have helped 31,000. THIS MORNING Geithner was claiming they were making meaningful progress. Gawd help us.


So far the 78 banks and servicers in the HAMP, which represent 85 percent of the total mortgage market, have just over 3 million loans on their books that are at least 60 days past due. So they sent out notices to those 3 million borrowers requesting more information.

A lot of those borrowers (as high as 50 percent) didn’t respond, according to the banks. Some don’t even live in the houses anymore. Gone. Of those that did respond, just over a million had at least the verbally stated income to qualify for a modification under the program. Others were either not owner-occupants, didn’t have the income level, or were unemployed. So 1,032,837 were offered modifications. But only 759,058 modifications were started. Why? Because a lot of the borrowers just didn’t want them. They would rather try to sell the house or go into foreclosure and walk away. Remember, some borrowers are so underwater on their loans, that they will never see equity again, so why bother making any modification payment, even if it is affordable.

Of the 759,058 modifications started, 697,026 are still in the three month trial phase. That’s when you’re supposedly making your monthly payment and gathering all the necessary documentation for the modification. Since the program really kicked into gear over the summer, we didn’t have any numbers on how many succeeded in the trial period and went permanent, until today.

Treasury reports that 31,382 trial modifications are now permanent. It also reports, well I had to do the math because they didn’t put it on the report, but a spokesperson did independently confirm, that 30,650 modifications were disqualified.

Presumably, the vast majority were either determined ineligible when all their paperwork came in at the end of three months, or they weren’t current on their payments,” the Treasury spokesperson told me….

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Obama mentions possibility of double dip recession in interview with Major Garrett!!!

Funny how he goes to see our bankers in China and is suddenly oh so concerned about overspending and a double dip aint it? yeah. Maybe next Tea Party we should write our signs in Mandarin and he will pay attention?

Our sign at the Tax Day Tea Party April 15th, next time maybe we should try Mandarin, that seems to work for Obama a bit better...

Update: Obama ‘Too much debt could fuel double dip recession’ ANOTHER keeper for the NO SHXT SHERLOCK FILES!!!!! But keep ramming that health care bill through fer shure, frakkers.

…It is important though to recognize if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession,” he said. Fox News, which released a transcript of the interview, showed that comment by Obama on Wednesday morning and said the full discussion would be broadcast later in the day.

A-HA!!! J-accuse!! Knew it, Dammit!! MiM has been all over this double dip for A YEAR!! Arrgle!! and the fools KEEP SPENDING!!

Fox and friends played a snippet of tonights interview with Major Garrett and Obama in China and Obama mentioned the double dip! this can only mean IMO that they have already told him we WILL have a double dip.

dammit! they should NOT BE PASSING THIS HEALTHCARE BILL!!! AND China has CLEARLY laid down the law on the deficit! Are YOU ready for higher taxes?!?! They are going to pass this trillion and then raise all our taxes to keep China happy!!! ARRRRRRGGGLLEEE!!!!

Lookee where we will be BEFORE the new taxes to keep China happy and holding our debt:

Here is the team of GENIUSES who got us here, including Timmeh Geithner who People Magazine actually voted one of the top 100 best looking people, a frakkin CLUE there was a mass delusion in the media:

Obama Economic Team Vogues last November

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Treasury prepares to give GMAC another 5 billion in bailouts…

Unbelievable. Who are they kidding? Who can get a loan for a new car? 14 million looking for a job. Clunkers sucked up the future sales. They are done. Roll up the sidewalks man, Detroit is closed. Yeah those auto czars did a real bang up job. Pfft. And the union & public pension bailouts are coming, believe it. This is why we HAVE to END TARP. Team TOTUS will just use it as a revolving line of credit to bailout preferred interests otherwise.


…GMAC Financial Services Inc. and the Treasury Department are in advanced talks to prop up the lender with its third helping of taxpayer money, people familiar with the matter said.

The U.S. government is likely to inject $2.8 billion to $5.6 billion of capital into the Detroit company, on top of the $12.5 billion that GMAC has received since December 2008, these people said. The latest infusion would come in the form of preferred stock. The government’s 34% stake in the company could increase if existing shares eventually are converted into common equity.

The willingness by Treasury officials to deepen taxpayer exposure to GMAC reflects the troubled company’s importance to the revival of the auto industry. Founded in 1919, GMAC has $181 billion in assets and is a major financing provider on car purchases from General Motors Co. and Chrysler LLC. The new capital would help firm up GMAC’s balance sheet and solidify its auto-loan business….

*Wham courtesy of wakemeupb4ug0g0

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Hillary on Afghanistan: “if we simply leave and allow the Taliban to return, al-Qaeda “would come right back, and we’d be worse off in Pakistan.” & Sens. Kyl & Levin on Afghanistan strategy & FOX Panel Plus…

First some much needed humor:

Mashup by FleetwoodFactor

In this Parade piece on 24 hours with Hillary, an important insight into her position on our role in Afghanistan and the dangers posed by the Taliban:

(…)We sit at a table away from the crowd. Clinton has a hard edge to her foreign-policy views and generally positions herself to the right of her colleagues in national security. Yet she staunchly defends President Obama and his prerogatives. While she’s “not satisfied that we’re executing as we should” in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere, she nonetheless argues for continuing “present directions” in most areas.

When I question whether the U.S. really has vital interests in Afghanistan, she shoots back that if we simply leave and allow the Taliban to return, al-Qaeda “would come right back, and we’d be worse off in Pakistan. She continues: “Despite how hard Afghanistan is, we have to make progress. And what we do and what happens in Afghanistan will affect Pakistan…

As we have noted here before, the British press has reported that Hillary and Gates while keeping their positions close to the vest, want increased troop levels in Afghanistan, it is essential. The mumbling of Juan Williams on the FOX Panel Plus (clip below) wondering why we should stay in Afghanistan is just ridiculous.

When Dana Perrino, former GWB press secretary points out the important progress we have made in security that allows women to participate in the Afghan society and educate themselves (which will lead to their economic freedom and an amazing economic renaissance for Afghanistan, we see this all over the world when women are able to educate themselves and enter the economy-and Hillary Clinton is very focused on this as well) Juan Williams actually says ‘it is nice for women to rule the world but that’s no reason to be in Afghanistan” He thinks this is funny. Incredible.




Continues after the break:


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