Cry Me a River: Phil Spector ‘terrified of being done in’ in prison…

Guilty as sin. Caged like the killer he is. Yay. Cry me a river you rat bastard. Our previous post on Lana Clarkson’s tragic death here

The Sun reports Phil is still living in his own private Idaho of the mind:

In rambling letters to a pal, Spector, serving life for murdering a B-list actress, moaned: “Imagine sending me to the same prison – shows how low they can go.

“They’d kill you in here for a 39-cent bag of soup!”

The twisted Wall of Sound genius said he was terrified of being done in by other lags and that being kept locked in his 3ft by 7ft cell was better than having to mix with them at mealtimes.


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GM to kill Pontiac Brand…

Say goodbye to an old friend, Pontiac..Treasury gave GM another 2 billion and made them kill Pontiac in exchange no doubt…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Phil Spector found Guilty- Second Degree Murder -No Bail

Update: I hear folks asking what was different this time around, they had expected at best a compromise verdict with the manslaughter charge added as an option this second trial.. I’ll tell you what was different., there was no engineer on the jury this time. That’s it, period. Ask any prosecutor, engineers have to have every conceivable and even inconceivable thing explained to find guilt, and the engineer on the last jury got the defense the hung jury last time around…

The Ronettes, Be My Baby (Phil also used to lock up Ronnie when they were married)

I watched the first trial and folks, he did it.

Drudge has it headlined

NBC LA : Music producer Phil Spector has been found guilty of second-degree murder in the February 2003 shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.

Live Video: Spector Verdict

Jurors also found Spector personally used the firearm while committing the crime at his Alhambra mansion. Sentencing has been set for May 29.

The judge denied bail and Spector, wearing a fire-engine red tie and pocket square, was taken into custody after the verdict was announced. Deputies led Spector from the courtroom.

Second-degree murder carries a penalty of 15 years to life in prison.

Spector has been pulling guns on people, specifically women trying to leave, for over 20 years and he finally killed someone. God Bless Lana Clarkson and her family and friends.

Phil’s dad killed himself and his epitaph is To Know Him was To Love Him, yes like Phil’s first hit single. Very disturbed, gifted, but profoundly disturbed man.

Lana Clarkson Tribute by grohlsguitar

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Update: Rick Wagoner pushed out of GM….

Update: Monday 9:00am: Market futures down…Dow 187

TOTUS to announce Auto Plan at 11:00am EST…they let Bob Nardelli keep his job can you believe that? the WOTS is that Chrysler will be filing a prepackaged bankruptcy of some sort…Nardelli was the poster child for ceo pay when he left Home Depot after mere months with mondo millions and tanked that stock before Cerberus gave him the Chrysler gig…

It’s a Hard Knock Life Baby, make that JEEP shine like the top of the Chrysler Building!!!(or Nardellis head!), I wonder if someone will cover my JEEP warranty?!


Wow!!! This man WAS GM the past few years, he was widely viewed as the leader of the Big 3, which isn’t really fiar since Ford’s Alan Mulally is the man who pulled a miracle and kept FORD out of this Pandora’s Box that Government Help has become…

So TOTUS is announcing Rattner’s Plan manyana, and Wagoner gets dumped on Sunday night? Oh man the bond holders must be screwed…which would mean American business is screwed IMO if they screw tr

he debt holders….breaking contracts and all…I mean who is in charge of GM now? Not Rattner surely..I said dont call me shirely….lol

Courtesy of voxpopulai:

Possibly the greatest of the Brill Building classics. Someone put this up awhile back but it disappeared, so here it is again. Robert Goulet was just goofing around but Steve Allen put down rock and roll every chance he could. Well, he’s gone now and Mary Weiss is still singing. So there.


General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner is stepping down as head of the embattled automaker CNBC has learned Sunday.

Wagoner’s resignation comes as the company awaits president Barack Obama’s reports on efforts to save GM and Chrysler

It is unclear if Wagoner’s resignation is one of the stipulations for the federal government to lend billions more to GM. But sources close to the talks say tough conditions will be attached to any future aid.

President Obama will update the public on the Treasury Department’s next step in helping GM and Chrysler on Monday afternoon.

A senior White House official did not deny to CNBC that the Obama administration influenced Wagoner’s departure.

Asked if the administration forced him out, the senior official replied, “‘forced’ is a little strong.”

Wagoner has served as CEO since 2000. Under his leadership, GM has steadily lost market share in North America while becoming the dominant automaker in China, where it is currently number one

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Market Update: Financials lead the way down…


Congress Critters Crazed over bonuses at one firm, passing Rangel Tax in House today left capital feeling cold and they responded in kind fleeing the companies that have over 5 billion in TARP which includes such well run firms as JPM Chase and Morgan Stanley..

DOW closes down 86 to 7400

S & P down 10 to 784

NAS down 7 to 1483

GOLD up 70 today

Oil hits 2009 high back over 50

We can’t even have our bear market rallies without the maroons on the Hill and then Team Obama stomping all over it ..

The business headlines make it clear why private capital is on strike..

and not a word from Timmeh who was supposed to talk about the public/private partnership for the bad paper today

Gee do you suppose the private part is like ‘frak you get the money from Charlie Rangel’, I would say just that, why be a glutton for punishment?

We had such a nice lift from Big Ben yesterday with the massive expansion of the Fed balance sheet, well a refi-ing MiM will go when we hit 4.5% and gold continues to be a safe place to hedge against the falling dollar in 15-20% of the savings I manage for the family, ( despite Jon Stewart thinking Americans are too stupid to do so)   the insurance against future inflation is something I sleep better having, but my risk tolerance is always low…

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Market Mover Thursday: Bankrupcty Cramdown bill back in House and Obama Healthcare Summit…

Bankruptcy cramdown bill back on the floor of the House, with Moderate Democrats back on board. The markets have been worrying about this legislation. Our post on the bill here.

Also today the Obama Healthcare Kickoff Party Summit, see our health care post for details…

The markets have been selling health care since the Obama Budget was released:

Health care companies consider President Barack Obama’s budget a potential profit-killer. Investors agreed and dumped their shares last week, dragging down exchange traded funds.

The budget aims to raise taxes and deduction limits for people who earn more than $250,000 a year.

The ultimate goal is to raise $634 billion to help fix the health care system. The tax hikes will generate $318 billion of that amount, and the rest will be squeezed from Medicare, the government-sponsored health program for seniors.

The Medicare Advantage plans offered by private insurers could lose as much as $175 billion. The Advantage program is on the chopping block because it pays 14% more to providers than Medicare would for the same services.

On the other hand, the U.S. automobile industry and other sectors consider the end of company-sponsored health care the route to international competitiveness.

As a result of the stimulus package all employers are required to set aside a subsidy for a portion of the COBRA premiums for any employee they lay off for- 9 months the employer is required to pay 70% of the premiums.

As we noted in our detailed piece on Health care today, Baucus’ forthcoming health care legislation will reduce the tax deductions employers  receive for their health care contributions as well..

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Twofer Tuesday: Market Turmoil- Nowhere to Run to Baby/Runaway

Where does an investor go?

Defensive plays are under attack.. Healthcare? NOPE, Team Obama there; Energy? NOPE, Team Obama there too; Defense? NOPE cutting that in budget

Financials? BWAAAHAA; Dividend Paying? Dividends? what dividends? besides TAX MAN COMETH THIS OCTOBER on that one..Cash? when the FED is forced to monetize our Treasuries as foreign buyers balk that will devalue the US dollar, which has been defying all odds to stay up….at times like this I am glad I grew up in the 70s in NYC, verrry thrifty are Mr MiM and I, and we have lived through Carter so it won’t be a culture shock for us….but oh the younger generation are in for a rude awakening IMO….and I still like KO for a play (good old Coca-Cola…) and am still buying GOLD on dips.


Del Shannon Runaway (Crime Story Opening Theme) great song, great show

and the GREAT DEL SHANNON LIVE with the solo in the original keyboard form…

Martha and the Vandellas courtesy of Hello3691

Crime Story intro courtesy of Tmeq

Del interview and live clip courtesy of  UnpleasantChuck:

The great Del Shannon, with Burton Cummings on piano.

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Update: Stimulus Package Unemployment Benefits – what states are already eligible without changes to UE law…plus GA update

Update on states as they review the Unemployment Strings and decide how much of the stimulus unemployment benefits to accept:

eGov monitor:

The unemployment insurance program gets its funds from federal and state employer payroll taxes, with states levying the biggest share. States administer the program, determining who is eligible and how much benefits will be.

19 states will soon receive a share of the $7 billion stimulus program designed to induce states to give more low-income workers unemployment benefits. Other suggested reforms in the act would provide benefits to part-time workers, those who leave jobs to take care of their families, and long-term workers who need retraining. The act also calls for higher benefits for workers with dependents.

To get at least one-third of their share of the $7 billion stimulus fund, states must count recent earnings in considering applicants. To get the rest, they have to adopt at least two of the other proposed reforms.

What states already qualify for the funds?


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