Sesame Street: True Blood parody ‘True Mud’

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Sesame Street: True Mud, posted with vodpod

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Happy Constitution Day! Schoolhouse Rock ~ The Preamble

The saving grace of growing up in the 70s was the Bicentennial. Carter couldn’t hold a good country down and neither will Obama.

Rock on Patriots! God Bless America!

From NewsChief, a woman who came to America from Cuba talks about how amazing this country is and how much we have to be grateful for:

…All of the East Polk chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution joined together to put on a Sept. 9 luncheon at the Peace River Country Club to hear Lakeland author Teresa Vazquez Martinez speak about how important this document is to her.

“The Constitution means so much to me, I wrote a book,” Martinez said.

Martinez and her family left Cuba after Fidel Castro came into power and Cuba became a communist nation.

“When he came in, they took everything my family ever worked for and said that it now belongs to the people,” she said. “Imagine life as you know it right now, and everything is taken away. They even told us that our belief in God was a fallacy. It took us eight years to get out of there.”

She said her father wanted his children to be free, so they came to America not knowing the language or where they would even sleep.

“They are still doing it today, for a better life here,” she said. “How many of you would throw yourselves on a man-made raft to the mercy of the sea?”

Martinez said that her family and she are exiles, not immigrants, and that Cubans are the fastest-growing middle-class segment in America today.

In expressing her strong beliefs in the U.S. Constitution, Martinez said that it is critical for Americans to realize what they have in the words of the Constitution….

Never forget the blessings and protections that our founders gave us by articulating our God given rights and freedoms as the basis for our nation.

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Capricorn Lunar Eclipse and the Grand Conjunction


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Twofer Tuesday: Gov Chris Christie, the NJ teachers union and the Hotel California


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Update: $860,000! FL Senate: Moneybomb for Marco!

Update 4: we did it! with DeMint’s moneybomb and the stimulus moneybomb we passed the target! From the Rubio Campaign:

This week, we marked the first anniversary of the Crist-Obama stimulus rally by achieving our goal of raising $1,000 for every $1 billion wasted by the stimulus plan.  With your help and the support of Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, we raised more than $860,000 in just 10 days from 11,000 donors through the Stimulus Bomb. Together, we sent big government proponents like President Obama and Governor Crist a message that we cannot continue spending money we don’t have and that a return to limited government principles is what will make America strong and prosperous.  With the primary still 6 months away, now more than ever we must promote conservative values and endure in our efforts.

In Case You Missed It:

  • Charlie Crist has repeatedly declined requests from Marco for a debate of the issues and ideas most important to Floridians.  This week, FOX News tried their luck by inviting both Marco and Crist to participate in a nationally televised debate on March 28th.  Marco immediately accepted, while Crist remains undecided.
  • On Wednesday, FreedomWorks PAC marked the one year anniversary of the Crist-Obama rally with their own rally, which featured Marco. You can watch a short excerpt of his speech here.
  • This week, we also launched a new text messaging campaign.  Don’t forget to sign up for updates on your mobile phone by texting MARCO to 69467.

Update 3: 2/11- Results of the moneybomb to be released at noon EST today!

Update: 9:21pm EST: WooHoo, we are almost there! $708k so far!!!! Sheer awesomeness!

Update: 9:50am EST: I had a hard time getting through to make my donation, a great sign! Everyone please give what you can!

Today’s the day! Please try to find some cha-ching for Marco, every bit counts. My $7.87 may not be much, but if enough Americans pitch in we can make a difference!

Courtesy of MarcoRubio:

With the February 10th anniversary of the Crist-Obama stimulus rally coming up, Marco launches a Stimulus Fundraising Bomb with a goal of raising $787,000 – $1000 for every $1 billion wasted on the stimulus. Learn more at

Marco spoke at the 2010 Freedom Forum in January:

And hey! It’s Time to Start the Countdown!

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In Honor of MLK – Letter from the Birmingham Jail

God Bless him

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Et tu Scooby? UK ‘expert’ says ‘those pesky kids’ make children more violent….

I remember a time when Eddie Izzard proclaimed Scooby Doo the ‘Faust of American culture’ and said it was our pass in the world at large! Now the UK ‘experts’ want to slap an R rating on ole Scoob! Next they will have he and Shaggy exercising to set a good example and they’ll limit their calorie consumption (no pizza for Scooby and Shaggy?).


Dr Karen Pfeffer, a senior lecturer at Lincoln University, said that risky behaviour which would normally lead to injury is rarely shown to have negative consequences in cartoons.

WOW! Really BREAKING NEW GROUND over there in the Uk eh?

She claims to have found evidence that there children who watch violent programmes are more likely to engage in risky behaviour and injure themselves.

Dr Pfeffer, who is also an international mentor for the World Health Organisation, will address the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents this week and call for children’s television programmes, particularly live action programmes, to carry ratings for parents to make informed choices for their children.

Among the programmes she deemed to contain the most risky behaviour were Scooby-Doo, Batman, X-Men and Ben 10.

“I have looked at whether television’s portrayal of risky behaviour affects children and have found evidence of children imitating dangerous TV behaviours, evidence of a positive correlation between amount of TV viewing and injury rates and evidence that TV viewing can affect children’s perceptions of risk,” she said.

“The problem is that these characters engage in risky behaviours and experience great violence but the negative consequences of dangerous behaviour are usually not portrayed..

Hey Scooby and  Shaggy have a VERY HEALTHY sense of SELF PRESERVATION! They run like crazy at ANY sign of trouble!

And this ‘expert’  throws in some gender bias too, just because! Hey has anyone told her the TeleTubbies are promoting a gay culture?! LOL!

..“TV provides dangerous role models for children, especially boys. It is recommended that children’s television programmes, particularly live action programmes, include ratings for parents on the portrayal of injury content. This would assist parents to make informed decisions.”

Dr Pfeffer’s paper, Risk and injury portrayal in boys’ and girls’ favourite television programmes, will be published later this month.

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Update: Video added; ‘LendMe’ allows nook owners to share books; Barnes & Noble reveals ‘The Nook’ e-reader…

Courtesy of zune186


Update 2: WSJ: 4:41 p.m. They’ve announced “LendMe” technology, allowing Nook users to share “from Nook to Nook.”

Update: WSJ is live blogging the B & N announcement event now!

Ooohh!!! Sweeeet!!! Me likey!


Our previous post on the potential Kindle slayer here. We LOVE our Kindle, but the lend feature suggested here is a HUGE plus! It sounds like it has the e-ink which I love (no glare from a backlit display) AND a color touch pad on the bottom instead of the keys..not sure how I feel about that pad over key thing for something I use constantly like my Kindle. But then I am not an iPhone user but as a readaholic I am their target audience, or maybe not, maybe they are going for the iPhone users who panned Kindle as ‘not kewl enuff’..hey the real book sale money is in we readers baby don’t forget it B&N! Now all Americans need are jobs so we can afford these lovely devices…You know what they need to give us? A scanning device so we can upload our libraries to our digital readers, I would pay beaucoup bucks for that baby!


..The Barnes & Noble e-reader will be called the “Nook,” and will retail for $259, according to reports by both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times….B&N, which has scheduled a press conference on Tuesday in New York to announce the e-reader, apparently began circulating ads this week to announce the device, The Times reported.


Pictures and details of Barnes and Noble’s forthcoming e-book reader have leaked, and it is hot, both inside and out. It will be on sale next Tuesday.

..The reader, named the “Nook,” looks a lot like Amazon’s white plastic e-book, only instead of the chiclet-keyboard there is a color multitouch screen, to be used as a keyboard or to browse books, cover-flow style. The machine runs Google’s Android OS, will have wireless capability from an unspecified carrier and comes in at the same $260 as the now rather old-fashioned-looking Kindle.

But it’s the details of the Barnes & Noble service itself that have us really interested. Gizmodo, which first broke the leaked images, has information that B&N will be discounting titles heavily in their electronic format, which is as is should be (no paper, printing or shipping costs). The Nook will also be able to get books from the Google Books Project.

And over at the Wall Street Journal, somebody got a peek at an at ad set to run in The New York Times this coming Sunday. The ad features the line “Lend eBooks to friends,” and this has the potential to destroy the Kindle model. One of the biggest problems with e-books is that you can’t lend or re-sell them. If B&N is selling e-books cheaper than the paper versions, then the resale issue is moot. And lending, even if your friends need a Nook, too, takes away the other big advantage of paper…

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