LiveStream: The Donald #Trump2016 Terre Haute, Indiana


Rally Begins 10:00am

LiveStream courtesy of RightSideBroadcasting and Donald J. Trump

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LIVESTREAM: #Trump Rally Costa Mesa, Cali

OMG The ENERGY is incredible!!


Can you dig it? Yes I can!

LiveStream courtesy of RightSideBroadcasting and Donald J Trump


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WATERLOO!! Super Tuesday III Trump To Victory: PA CT MD RI DE Vote!!

Bring it on home PA!!!!

Waterloo for Youuuu Lyin Ted and Wimpy Burger Kasich!!!

CT has voter info for all states here



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AZ Sued over Voter Access by Dems and HRC


Another bang up job by the GOPe!! On Primary Day in Arizona, many voters waited in line upwards of 5 HOURS to vote.

This clusterfark was created by the decision of the Maricopa County Recorders Office to close 70% of the polling stations that had been open in the 2012 Presidential Preference Primary. So instead of 300 polling locations in Maricopa County, there were ….60.

List of polling places open for the 2016 Presidential Preference Primary

Now Purcell has done a truly horrible job defending this decision, and she blamed it on VOTERS!!

…Purcell initially put the blame on voters, stirring a clamor on the Internet. Her name was a trending topic on Twitter. But Wednesday she backtracked, saying she failed to anticipate the effect of intense voter interest on primary turnout.

“I made bad decisions based on the information I had, obviously, or we wouldn’t have had long lines,” Purcell told The Associated Press.

Now watch this bait and switch, emphasis mine:

In the 2012 presidential primary, there were 200 places for voters to cast ballots in the county, which is heavily Republican. By comparison, Pima County — home to more liberal Tucson, Arizona, and a quarter of Maricopa County’s population — had 124 voting locations Tuesday….

WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! They just said Maricopa County IS HEAVILY REPUBLICAN! and that PIMA is liberal!! Yes!! and Maricopa County had the closed sites!! Pima county was all OPEN!!!!!!!!!!


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COLORADO VOTES MATTER RALLY: Friday April 15, 3:00PM Greenwood Village


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Update: About that European Vacation….

Update!! Stefan Molyneux just uploaded a short powerful video on this topic. Please watch and support FreedomainRadio here.

And a longer discussion of this topic here:


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Flashback: Obama chief speechwriter gropes HRC Standee; Addition to the No Shit Sherlock FIles- SCOAMF Obama White House full of naif pig frat boys

Who could have guessed this would be the environment of an Obama WH? 20 Million HRC supporters, the GOP at large and anyone with a fxckin clue:

Exhibit A:

Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau gropes Hillary Standee

Yes who would think these pricks are useless pig naifs?

Exhibit B:

White House spokesman Tommy Vietor and chief speechwriter Jon Favreau partaking in an impromptu, shirtless beer pong match at Old Glory in Georgetown June 2010

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