Hillary Steps Up, shows Leadership, pushes through action on Libya while Obama dithers, vacations

Gee, who could have seen this coming? …Exactly…

Thank you Hillary, for stepping up to the plate and pushing President Present and SecDef ‘Nah we have too much on our plate’  to take  action to stop the imminent slaughter in Benghazi.

Listen, when I was a ‘happy’ liberal Democrat, I understood our ‘dream’ foreign policy to be one in which we, the US, did not charge ahead on every worldwide issue, but one in which we led a ‘coalition of the willing’ to the table and attempted to get the parties who are actually directly impacted by the issue (in this case Arab League, UK, France and Italy (their oil supplies) to take the needed action while we lent an ‘assist’.

So how are the left all up in arms, pardon the pun, when Hillary has managed to get exactly that accomplished?

France is the figurehead leadership (and actual impetus and flyboyz, thank you Pres Sarkozy) of the coalition, Arab League signed off (7 days ago which is when President Permanent Vacation still refused to act and it appears that is when Hillary began  to leak to the press that she was pushing for action and Obama was failing to lead, again) which gives us the needed ‘official intervention request’, and the Arab league also signed on to actual participation, hopefully financial also, but we won’t know anytime soon as they need ‘cover’ from their own Wahhabi factions and can’t come forward with what they have promised publicly.

Hillary got it done! She was able to actualize the mythological liberal Democratic foreign intervention dream policy!

That is probably why they are so pissed. Methinks it was all a facade and these neoprogressives didn’t actually want us to intervene..anywhere…ever.

Too Bad, So Sad. Hillary did what we said we would always do. Deal with it.

Now we have some on the right, whining that we shouldn’t be involved at all.

Uhhh, this guy killed Americans. Several times. He will again. He was preparing a brutal assault on 700,000 of his own people and he was  a mad-dog off the leash. Once Obama had said Qaddafi, ‘had to go’, the guy wasn’t going to continue the pretense he put on for Condi Rice and Dubyah when he ‘turned over’ his WMD.

So, to sum up: we have an international coalition, with the parties most directly impacted economically and foreign policy wise taking the lead, and contributing meaningfully to the military action, we have a’ dispensation’, if you will, from the Arab League to take ourselves into the battle, and we have a country with billions in resources led by a mad-dog who has killed our people and will use the funds from those resources to do so again,  as the enemy.

All a green light for action in my book.

Hillary has worked her ass off to get this done and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for serving this country and trying to get things done in the face of the incompetent, ineffective, insipid President she works for.

Leadership. You have it or you don’t. We have evidence now that Hillary is willing to make the tough calls and act when it is needed. We still don’t have that from Obama.

His hand was forced when HRC leaked to the press in a desperate bid to save the Libyan people and take out an enemy of the American people in one fell swoop.

It has been my theory that when Hillary badly fractured her wrist and was drugged up, that Obama personally signed off on Al Megrahi’s release back to Libya. The ObamaLovinMedia refuse to ask the right questions on that matter, if any questions at all.

It will be sweet justice if Al Megrahi is killed in an ally airstrike in his own  Sweet Home when he may have lived longer in a Scottish prison.

I think we can get in, take out the antiaircraft batteries, make room for French and UK (and hopefully Saudi) jets to bombard his bases and leave the room needed for Qaddafi’s current associates to see the writing on the wall and throw him under the bus, into the pyre, however these things are handled in Libya.

Hillary is not stating ‘regime change’ is the motive because that will force Qaddafi to use the mustard gas he may still have. A cornered rat will pull the trigger faster. If he thinks he can hold a piece of Libya in the future we may be able to get his friends to take him out before he resorts to using WMD against his own people.

Gates, I am sad to say, clearly is all about getting out of dodge with no more engagements. That may be hypothetically the best path, but in reality it wasn’t an option for us.  Hillary explained quite well yesterday the American interests here. With Egypt and Tunisia in unrest and revolution, we cannot have Qaddafi sitting between them like Boris the Spider funneling arms and mercenaries to take the entire Gulf Region into chaos.

Gates had to have his hand forced, and Hillary showed how civilian leadership of the military works. We are the best in the world, we had the assets to get this mission started off in the way most safe for the European fighter jets. Hillary made the tough call and then made the dithering Golfer in Chief make the right decision too.

God Bless the troops, the allies, and the peaceful people of the world. God Bless Hillary.

UPI Photo/Monika Graff

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How can he sleep when Benghazi’s burnin’? How can he golf when our world stops turnin’?

Update 3/16/11: As we have all feared, Obama’s dithering and the vacuum of leadership in the world that results has allowed Qadaffi to launch what his troops have announced will be the ‘cleansing’ of Benghazi.

…A sample quote via the Journal from a Libyan man who had to flee Ajdabiya with his kids when Qaddafi’s goons rolled into town: “Tell Obama I’m pleading with him—launch just one airstrike here. Prove that Gadhafi was wrong when he said that America only cares about business interests, not human rights.”

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Alternative Programming for ABC Infomercial Nite…

By Navy Carrier Squadron, VAW-113 Black Eagles’ version of the All American Rejects “Move Along”


By desperatesmallville

Catch up on Harper’s Island, all the episodes up on Youtube courtesy of CBS here

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Update and Correction: Team Obama adds 8% to Pentagon FY 09 budget.

If enacted, that would be about a $14 billion increase above the $513 billion allocated for fiscal 2009 (PL 110-329), including military construction funds, and it would match what the Bush administration estimated last year for the Pentagon in fiscal 2010. But it sets up a potential conflict between the new administration and the Defense Department’s entrenched bureaucracy, which has remained largely intact through the presidential transition.

Some Pentagon officials and congressional conservatives are already trying to portray the OMB number as a cut by comparing it to a $584 billion draft fiscal 2010 budget request compiled last fall by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The $527 billion figure is “what the Bush people thought was the right number last February and that’s the number we’re going with,” said the OMB official, who declined to be identified. “The Joint Chiefs did that to lay down a marker for the incoming administration that was unrealistic. It’s more of a wish list than anything else.”

Defense budget experts have said the draft by the Joint Chiefs, which was never publicly released, was designed to pressure the Obama administration to drastically increase defense spending or be forced to defend a reluctance to do so. Defense officials in past outgoing administrations have left inflated budget estimates for incoming officials in the hope of raising the spending baseline. In fact, the draft budget was never scrubbed by Bush’s OMB, which had told federal agencies to submit draft budgets based on “current services.”

One key issue is the administration’s decision to reduce supplemental appropriations by folding into the base Pentagon budget the non-war-related spending that has cropped up in supplemental bills.

The Pentagon refused to comment publicly on why it would need the higher amount. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has said the fiscal 2010 defense budget must contend with the realities of the bad economy and stop the trend of steep increases in military budgets since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Gates also has said the department would deliver Congress a formal request for a second tranche of fiscal 2009 war funding “in the coming weeks.” He sent Congress an estimate for that tab that totaled $69.7 billion.

WWII Home Defense

WWII Home Defense


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Breaking: PEBO picks Blair for Top Intel Post…

WaPo has the ROY on Blair’s imminent appointment…

Blair, the former commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, would become the nation’s third director of national intelligence, succeeding Mike McConnell as the leader of the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies. He had been the rumored front-runner for the job for several weeks.

“It’s definitely Blair,” said one congressional official who had been briefed on the selection. Both sources spoke on the condition of anonymity. The Obama transition team declined comment.

American Admiral Dennis Cutler Blair visits New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark at the Beehive in Wellington to discuss defence spending. (Photo by Robert Patterson/Getty Images)

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 20: American Admiral Dennis Cutler Blair visits New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark at the Beehive in Wellington to discuss defence spending. (Photo by Robert Patterson/Getty Images)

…Blair impressed Republican and Democratic lawmakers with his knowledge of the intelligence agencies and ideas for streamlining and improving the often unwieldy U.S. intelligence apparatus, the sources said. Blair had served during the Clinton administration as a military liaison at the CIA in charge of coordinating intelligence between the spy agency and Pentagon….


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NAVY wins 7th Straight

A deployed US Navy carrier squadron’s version of the music video for “Pump It” by Black Eyed Peas. Also check out (their) video of “Hey Ya” by Outkast.

…Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo didn’t skip a beat in his first year leading the Mids since Paul Johnson left for Georgia Tech. Niumatalolo became the second service academy coach to win the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy in his first year, joining Navy’s George Welsh in 1973.


…Shun White ran for 148 yards and scored two touchdowns to lead bowl-bound Navy over Army 34-0 Saturday for its seventh straight win in the storied rivalry between service academies…

Some Navy fans held a sign that read: “Congress, bail out Army!”….


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