How can he sleep when Benghazi’s burnin’? How can he golf when our world stops turnin’?

Update 3/16/11: As we have all feared, Obama’s dithering and the vacuum of leadership in the world that results has allowed Qadaffi to launch what his troops have announced will be the ‘cleansing’ of Benghazi.

…A sample quote via the Journal from a Libyan man who had to flee Ajdabiya with his kids when Qaddafi’s goons rolled into town: “Tell Obama I’m pleading with him—launch just one airstrike here. Prove that Gadhafi was wrong when he said that America only cares about business interests, not human rights.”

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Update: U.S.S. New York sets sail: built with steel from the WTC


Update 11/8: She is now in active duty. God Bless.

USS New York, built with steel salvaged from the fallen Twin Towers, officially went into active duty yesterday in a somber but spirited ceremony on the West Side.

Families who lost loved ones in the World Trade Center attacks gathered at the Intrepid Museum on Pier 86 with hundreds of others — including Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton..

..It awes me to think that from the ashes, this ship has formed and to know it’s serving us,” said Helen Zaccoli, 45, whose husband, Joseph, died at the trade center.

USS New York commissioned

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stands among Navy personnel at the start of the commissioning ceremony for the USS New York on the Intrepid Museum on November 7, 2009 in New York City. The amphibious transport dock ship is made in part of 7.5 tons of reforged steel from the wreckage of the World Trade Center. UPI Photo/Monika Graff

Update 11/2: She arrived in NYC today. God Bless her and the crew and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

USS New York

GIVE ME LIBERTY: The Statue of Liberty welcomes the newest Navy ship, USS New York, as it enters the harbor yesterday. Part of the vessel is made with steel from the World Trade Center. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

The World Trade Center sailed into the city this morning.

The USS New York, which has a bow built from 7.5 tons of Twin Towers steel, stopped near Ground Zero as a detail on board fired off a 21-gun salute.


US Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Paul Bersher, of Long Island, right, stands watch as the USS New York as the ship passes under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Monday, Nov. 2, 2009 in New York Harbor. (N.Y. Post: Chad Rachman)

Families of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks standing on the north cove then saluted the Navy’s newest warship as it continued up the Hudson.

After the 21-gun salute, petty officers Mike Sullivan and Paul Bershers,who were on watch on the bow, started singing Billy Joel‘s “New York State of Mind.”

After the Ground Zero stop, the ship escorted by about two dozen tugboats and other vessels headed up the Hudson River toward the George Washington Bridge. After a U-turn there, it was to head south to Pier 88. An official commissioning ceremony is scheduled for Saturday.

“It’s a transformation … from something really twisted and ugly, said Rosaleen Tallon, who lost her firefighter brother, Sean, on 9/11. “I’m proud that our military is using that steel.”

Tallon said her brother, who was also was a Marine, also would have been proud…


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Alternative Programming for ABC Infomercial Nite…

By Navy Carrier Squadron, VAW-113 Black Eagles’ version of the All American Rejects “Move Along”


By desperatesmallville

Catch up on Harper’s Island, all the episodes up on Youtube courtesy of CBS here

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Update: Did Crowe Cave?…ASU to TOTUS: Denied!…. ASU to NAVY ROTC: Welcome!! Join our Air Force and Army ROTC :0)

Update: HA reports a possible reversal from ASU. Say it aint so Michael Crowe…if they give it to him it is one more example of how to succeed without really trying for GEN whoever they are now. Good luck to them in this economy with this get out of jail free card, reward for nothing mentality they have, but but I TRIED I made an EFFORT now give me something, wahhh wahhhh wahhhh…

Contact Mr. Crowe, ASU President via his web form here

TEMPE, AZ - OCTOBER 13:  "Sparky" the Arizona State Sun Devils mascot does performs in the student section durng the gam at the top e against the Washington Huskies on October 13, 2007 at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.  Arizona State won 44-20.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

TEMPE, AZ - OCTOBER 13: "Sparky" the Arizona State Sun Devils mascot performs in the student section durng the game against the Washington Huskies on October 13, 2007 at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. Arizona State won 44-20. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)


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A comment so good it needs its own post…


And we have been railing about the lack of housing plans for jumbo loan areas for three years now…

BUT this comment we reprinted is directed at the one it replies to, which we printed here in full.

This statement: You do realize it’s the wealthy from the Bay Area (and New York and Massachusetts) who bankroll the country, right? We don’t have Alabama to thank for a robust defense budget.

Is In our opinion waay off base. NO ONE IN THIS COUNTRY pays more than the troops, who lay down their lives, so the person who wrote this comment and linked taxes to defense budgets got what they had coming, a reminder of the ULTIMATE price paid for this country, in blood. Belittling rural areas is no way to talk and the commenter whose reply we post here belittled that poster right back….

Now everyone stop letting the class warfare from Team Obama get to you! We ARE int his together AMERICANS whether we are bankers, soldiers, dog catchers, nurses or teachers…

From MM piece on the expansion of the Obama Housing Plan to include Jumbo mortgages in SF…

On February 26th, 2009 at 11:02 am, twofoot said:

You do realize it’s the wealthy from the Bay Area (and New York and Massachusetts) who bankroll the country, right? We don’t have Alabama to thank for a robust defense budget.

Twofoot Replied: You really want to compare the contributions of people from the bay area to the contributions of those from states like Alabama, or Georgia, or South Carolina, or Arkansas?

People from the bay area may pay more taxes per capita than those of many southern states. But those of my part of the country, those inbred hicks those on the left so love to denigrate, pay more per capita in blood than the little pansies in the bay area ever thought about.

It’s me and mine that believe in the inherent nobility of the US Military. It’s me and mine that swear our lives, and more importantly, our honor to defend the greatest nation this planet has ever known. It’s me and mine that stand willing to pay the blood tax so that effete little snobs can sit back and bemoan how rotton (in their minds) this country is.

No, not just people from the south. The military is populated by people from rural areas all over this country. People that were raised with pride in nation. People that believe it is the highest honor to be allowed to serve this nation, even unto death.

Go to Alabama and throw a rock in any direction and you will find ten people willing to lay down their life for this nation. Try the same thing in the bay area and you’ll find ten people willing to tell you how rotton this nation is while they are getting ready for the Folsom Street Fair.

So who is it that really gives more?

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Update and Correction: Team Obama adds 8% to Pentagon FY 09 budget.

If enacted, that would be about a $14 billion increase above the $513 billion allocated for fiscal 2009 (PL 110-329), including military construction funds, and it would match what the Bush administration estimated last year for the Pentagon in fiscal 2010. But it sets up a potential conflict between the new administration and the Defense Department’s entrenched bureaucracy, which has remained largely intact through the presidential transition.

Some Pentagon officials and congressional conservatives are already trying to portray the OMB number as a cut by comparing it to a $584 billion draft fiscal 2010 budget request compiled last fall by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The $527 billion figure is “what the Bush people thought was the right number last February and that’s the number we’re going with,” said the OMB official, who declined to be identified. “The Joint Chiefs did that to lay down a marker for the incoming administration that was unrealistic. It’s more of a wish list than anything else.”

Defense budget experts have said the draft by the Joint Chiefs, which was never publicly released, was designed to pressure the Obama administration to drastically increase defense spending or be forced to defend a reluctance to do so. Defense officials in past outgoing administrations have left inflated budget estimates for incoming officials in the hope of raising the spending baseline. In fact, the draft budget was never scrubbed by Bush’s OMB, which had told federal agencies to submit draft budgets based on “current services.”

One key issue is the administration’s decision to reduce supplemental appropriations by folding into the base Pentagon budget the non-war-related spending that has cropped up in supplemental bills.

The Pentagon refused to comment publicly on why it would need the higher amount. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has said the fiscal 2010 defense budget must contend with the realities of the bad economy and stop the trend of steep increases in military budgets since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Gates also has said the department would deliver Congress a formal request for a second tranche of fiscal 2009 war funding “in the coming weeks.” He sent Congress an estimate for that tab that totaled $69.7 billion.

WWII Home Defense

WWII Home Defense


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PEBO announces Intel picks: Blair, Panetta and SUPRIZE! Brennan is back….


PEBO having presser now. He announces the appointment of Blair and Panetta, see our previous posts on those two appointments here and here

He also slips in BRENNAN as his Assistant to the POTUS for Natl Security, niiiiice. Yeah fake them out with Panetta,  then stick Brennan in an unconfirmable spot. Change eh? BWAA-HAAA-HAAA!!!!

From CNN:

Obama also named former CIA official John Brennan as White House homeland security adviser and deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism.

Brennan will face the task of reviewing whether the Homeland Security Council, created after 9/11, should be folded into the National Security Council or remain a separate entity in the White House.

Brennan will hold the title of assistant to the president, a sign that he will report directly to Obama.

If you don’t know the background on Brennan, go read Jeralyn and BTD at TL here

Q/A: PEBO just said if Paul Krugman has an idea he will do it, WELL HELL PEBO OPEN THE NEWSPAPER DAMMIT! Krugman has been writing columns like crazy!

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Jane Harman (D-CA) passed over for Panetta aka Revenge of Pelosi….the Botoxed leading the Blind…


Panetta’s qualifications as presented by Teh One loving AP:

The former eight-term congressman from California has had plenty experience in overseeing all aspects of the federal bureaucracy as a former chairman of the House Budget Committee, as budget director and then chief of staff for President Bill Clinton; and more recently as a member of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group.

This should have gone to Jane Harman. This is the botoxed leading the blind now…

Rep. Harman and DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff

Rep. Harman and DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff

Really, really, really sad that PEBO let Pelosi keep Harman out of this role. Perhaps Nancy is miffed that she ranks 6th behind Harman at no. 1 of wealthiest members of Congress…

In the House of Representatives, Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., ranks No. 1, with $397 million, followed by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., with $343 million. Rep Robin Hayes, R-N.C., ranks third, with $173.4 million. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., ranks sixth, with $62 million.

Pelosi has already blocked Harman from what would be the natural evolution of her role in Congress, becoming head of the Intelligence Committee…

Harman has the chops for CIA Chief. Leon Panetta SO does not..

Even the GOP members of the House endorsed Harman for the job, from Human Events:

Despite obvious differences on issues, Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R.-Mi) told us, “Jane is excellent on intelligence issues and you’ll recall that she was removed from the Intelligence Committee because she refused to dance to Nancy Pelosi’s tune.”  Hoekstra added that he made the recommendation of Harman in a telephone call to incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

Harman (lifetime American Conservative Union rating:  28%) has compiled a liberal record after seven terms in the House.  But when it comes to national security, she has said “I live and breathe security 24-7.”  The Californian supported giving authority to the national intelligence director and unifying intelligence resources.  She also has been a consistent supporter of the U.S. action in Iraq.

“Her bipartisanship and pragmatism occasionally rankled other Democrats on the committee,” concluded the Almanac of American Politics, noting Harman’s close collaboration with Hoekstra on security issues and with other Republicans such as fellow Californian Dan Lungren on cargo-container screening. In ’06, with Pelosi calling the shots, Harman was passed over for the Intelligence Committee chairmanship in favor of the more partisan Rep. Sylvestre Reyes (D-Tx).

NY Observer)

(Leon Panetta:NY Observer)

Not everyone is thrilled with this out of left field, inexperienced pick. From AP:

Fellow Californian Sen. Dianne Feinstein, set to chair the Select Committee on Intelligence, indicated that the choice caught her off guard.


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