Bin Laden is dead

Update: HotAir has all the details.

God Bless America. God Bless the troops who carried out the mission. God Bless the loved ones of those lost on 9/11 and in the battles since that day.


Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is dead, President Obama said. The U.S. has his body in its possession, U.S. officials said late Sunday….

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Video: Paul Ryan Reacts: Obama continues to shadow dance with America, punts – gives another word fog full of fury, signifying nothing

More Updates at end of post.

Update: Paul Ryan is GREAT here, he is ‘disappointed’ ohhh that is exactly it! They got us all revved up for that dereliction of duty of a speech from a lectern this afternoon? Really, really bad.

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What a whiff that was!

As always, Obama votes Present by not coming out and endorsing either Simpson-Bowles or anything else, (he gave them a shout out and a h/t at the end but endorsed none of their plan specifics). He did a word fog full of the same tired lines from ’08. Promises he has ALREADY FAILED TO FULFILL in the past 3 years.

Then he did a pivot to his Dr. No, stern Daddy routine, and laughably, he did it on his ‘trademark issue’  The Bush Tax Cuts!, which is of course the Big Issue he ALREADY CAVED ON!

Yes, audacity and bamboozlement is back for Obamapalooza Tour ’11-’12! All the Hype, None of the Hope!

They really plan to run on the same 6 yr old tired, broken-down trope of Obama being anti-Bush Tax Cut extension and Pro Middle Class American Dream. (and mebbe he is…IN HIS DREAMS!! It’s just his actual POLICIES that let him down? ie protecting TBTF fxckers who have housing on its back, making the TBTF Bigger, and refusing to allow Clinton era tax rates to come back).

Unless Team Obama thought they had pulled off some Total Recall number on all of us last night, uh, WTF are they thinking?

Don’t they know that WE know that he ALREADY CRUMPLED LIKE THE WET PAPER BAG HE IS on the extension of the Bush tax cuts? Did he think we somehow didn’t notice that?

Sure, he gave us the courtesy of a –  ‘I was forced to extend them to protect the middle class tax cuts’ BS line again, but again, if he gave his big ‘Hostages could be hurt’ spiel last time, doesn’t he think that WE think that HE WILL CAVE and extend them again when the Big Bad GOP Grandma Eating Wolf at the Door takes we middle class ‘victims’ ‘hostage’ again?

I means seriously, what the fxck? He doesn’t even TRY to spin us anymore? This is the best you;ve got? Man it’s lookin like a Fred Thompson energy level for Obama this time around.

So, it’s official there is for all effects and purposes no functioning POTUS on issues of real import. Congress needs to do what Hillary does on Foreign Policy, try to carry out the job with limited power while a Holier-Than-Thou absentee boss comes in once in a blue moon to pixx and moan about the work accomplished.

Let’s Review the Record on Obama’s Time at the Helm:

Foreign Policy? Has to be pushed HARD for MONTHS to make a decision, often leading to deterioration of circumstances on the ground that would allow mission success. See Af/Pak, Libya.

Update-Bonus- Launch military action unsanctioned by Congress, (previously one of your favorite Boosh! criticisms), go to Brazil to promote their energy independence and offer to make us dependent on them, do not make speech to nation on Libyan action.

Economy in Recession? Outsource a giant spendulus to Congressional Leadership of Pelosi/Reid and ‘Apollo Alliance’. Bonus – Insert unverifiable targets like ‘saving or creating’ jobs, yet attach chart that clearly projects a  UE target that goes unmet for THREE YEARS while claiming Success! Escape Velocity! Recovery Summer!.

Explosion of Entitlement Spending to Drown us in Debt? Outsource to a Commission for some mythical ‘consensus’, ignore said Commission report except to use as prop/tool when helpful. See Simpson/Bowles Commission,

Budget Presentation to Congress and the Nation? Whiff. Jack up spending then present ‘Budget Freeze’. Get Budget Do-Over Pass from Media. Nevermind, it’s just another whiff.

Tax Debate? Your biggest campaign promise:  An End to the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich! Your raison d’être. Your ‘most deeply held political value’, the ‘shared sacrifice’, the ‘fairness rule’. You claim ‘hostages were taken, I couldn’t let people get hurt’ and position yourself, the President of the United States, as a hostage to the opposing party. You extend the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich!

Bonus- You continue to claim this is exactly the wrong policy, that it is hurting the nation but you sign the bill anyway.

Double Bonus- Bring out the last successful Democratic president to sell your plan to country, leave him alone at lectern with media. Added points since you called this man a ‘racist!’ during ’08 campaign.

Double Triple Toe-Loop Bonus – You run for a second term on same promise to End the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich! that you just extended, but give no explanation of how you can avoid the ‘hostage situation’ and accomplish this.

I can’t EVEN get into the National Security issues, it is frightening to consider NSC Advisers who do not know of Averted Terror Attacks on Large Scale in London,( TSA is FRISKING children and the left is quiescent~)Janet Napolitano claiming the border is more secure than ever, (170 bodies found in mass graves THIS WEEK just over the border), the incredible volte-face he has done on EVERY, SINGLE Bush anti-Terrorism policy he lectured about since 2006. It goes on and on.

Update to list: How could we forget-

Natural Disasters: BP Oil Spill in Gulf. Stern language against BP ‘boot on throat!’. Photo op- unlike Boosh! don’t do flyover, get down and pick up tiny tarballs. Then fly away home. Oil spill continues, unchecked, leave company who caused spill in charge of ending it. CONVENE PANEL! Oil continues to spill, unchecked. 40 Days+ later BP finally stops spill. Sidle up to lectern declare success!

Bonus – Set up ‘pot o’dough’ the go-to method of ‘solving problems’ for Community Organizers, see Al Sharpton.

Energy Policy: Allow Boosh! Era lax regulation( another of your campaign talking points) /certification/oversight of permits to continue under your Change!(d) DOE. This leads to worst oil spill in history. Convene panel! Stop all oil permits. Everywhere, land or sea.

Bonus- Give more grants to campaign supporter GE for ‘windmills’.

Double Bonus- Continue to snark at hard-working Americans who drive large vehicles, infer it is their fault as gas DOUBLES in your first 3 years. Propose new gas tax!

Triple Lutz Bonus: Fund off shore oil drilling IN BRAZIL. Announce to Brazilians you want America  to be their customer. (Make announcement in Brazil while launching a military action that has not been sanctioned by Congress, leaving the American people to figure out what is happening without you.)

Conclusion–  I don’t see how he has any chance of winning, even if Katie Couric and Brian Williams pick him up and carry him between his Arena Circuit Tour of College Campuses this time.

Unless of course, the conservatives within the GOP decide to sit the election out as they did in ‘087. Really disappointing. I don’t think our economy will achieve Larry Summer’s vaunted ‘escape velocity’ if we get another 4 years of Obama.

Please vote. No matter who it is, please please vote.

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Update 3: Jim DeMint calls Obama a ‘Bitter Clinger’!!!! BWAAAHAAA! (emphasis mine)~

The President made it absolutely clear today that Democrats will cling bitterly to deficit spending until our nation is bankrupt. After offering an unserious budget just a few months ago, the President offered new platitudes but the same old policies. He’s still pushing for trillion dollar tax increases that would destroy jobs and cripple our economy. He still wants to add trillions in new spending to our $14 trillion mountain of debt without a credible plan to ever balance the budget….”

Update 2: AllahPundit at HotAir has more Ryan goodness from Levin.

“He’s basically a pyromaniac in a field of straw men”

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Hillary Steps Up, shows Leadership, pushes through action on Libya while Obama dithers, vacations

Gee, who could have seen this coming? …Exactly…

Thank you Hillary, for stepping up to the plate and pushing President Present and SecDef ‘Nah we have too much on our plate’  to take  action to stop the imminent slaughter in Benghazi.

Listen, when I was a ‘happy’ liberal Democrat, I understood our ‘dream’ foreign policy to be one in which we, the US, did not charge ahead on every worldwide issue, but one in which we led a ‘coalition of the willing’ to the table and attempted to get the parties who are actually directly impacted by the issue (in this case Arab League, UK, France and Italy (their oil supplies) to take the needed action while we lent an ‘assist’.

So how are the left all up in arms, pardon the pun, when Hillary has managed to get exactly that accomplished?

France is the figurehead leadership (and actual impetus and flyboyz, thank you Pres Sarkozy) of the coalition, Arab League signed off (7 days ago which is when President Permanent Vacation still refused to act and it appears that is when Hillary began  to leak to the press that she was pushing for action and Obama was failing to lead, again) which gives us the needed ‘official intervention request’, and the Arab league also signed on to actual participation, hopefully financial also, but we won’t know anytime soon as they need ‘cover’ from their own Wahhabi factions and can’t come forward with what they have promised publicly.

Hillary got it done! She was able to actualize the mythological liberal Democratic foreign intervention dream policy!

That is probably why they are so pissed. Methinks it was all a facade and these neoprogressives didn’t actually want us to intervene..anywhere…ever.

Too Bad, So Sad. Hillary did what we said we would always do. Deal with it.

Now we have some on the right, whining that we shouldn’t be involved at all.

Uhhh, this guy killed Americans. Several times. He will again. He was preparing a brutal assault on 700,000 of his own people and he was  a mad-dog off the leash. Once Obama had said Qaddafi, ‘had to go’, the guy wasn’t going to continue the pretense he put on for Condi Rice and Dubyah when he ‘turned over’ his WMD.

So, to sum up: we have an international coalition, with the parties most directly impacted economically and foreign policy wise taking the lead, and contributing meaningfully to the military action, we have a’ dispensation’, if you will, from the Arab League to take ourselves into the battle, and we have a country with billions in resources led by a mad-dog who has killed our people and will use the funds from those resources to do so again,  as the enemy.

All a green light for action in my book.

Hillary has worked her ass off to get this done and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for serving this country and trying to get things done in the face of the incompetent, ineffective, insipid President she works for.

Leadership. You have it or you don’t. We have evidence now that Hillary is willing to make the tough calls and act when it is needed. We still don’t have that from Obama.

His hand was forced when HRC leaked to the press in a desperate bid to save the Libyan people and take out an enemy of the American people in one fell swoop.

It has been my theory that when Hillary badly fractured her wrist and was drugged up, that Obama personally signed off on Al Megrahi’s release back to Libya. The ObamaLovinMedia refuse to ask the right questions on that matter, if any questions at all.

It will be sweet justice if Al Megrahi is killed in an ally airstrike in his own  Sweet Home when he may have lived longer in a Scottish prison.

I think we can get in, take out the antiaircraft batteries, make room for French and UK (and hopefully Saudi) jets to bombard his bases and leave the room needed for Qaddafi’s current associates to see the writing on the wall and throw him under the bus, into the pyre, however these things are handled in Libya.

Hillary is not stating ‘regime change’ is the motive because that will force Qaddafi to use the mustard gas he may still have. A cornered rat will pull the trigger faster. If he thinks he can hold a piece of Libya in the future we may be able to get his friends to take him out before he resorts to using WMD against his own people.

Gates, I am sad to say, clearly is all about getting out of dodge with no more engagements. That may be hypothetically the best path, but in reality it wasn’t an option for us.  Hillary explained quite well yesterday the American interests here. With Egypt and Tunisia in unrest and revolution, we cannot have Qaddafi sitting between them like Boris the Spider funneling arms and mercenaries to take the entire Gulf Region into chaos.

Gates had to have his hand forced, and Hillary showed how civilian leadership of the military works. We are the best in the world, we had the assets to get this mission started off in the way most safe for the European fighter jets. Hillary made the tough call and then made the dithering Golfer in Chief make the right decision too.

God Bless the troops, the allies, and the peaceful people of the world. God Bless Hillary.

UPI Photo/Monika Graff

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Calling All Angels ~ Freedom of Speech must not be a price paid for the Tucson Tragedy

Update: Sarah Palin has released a Facebook video addressing the attack and the reaction to it by the media. As usual, she has articulated what the majority of Americans are feeling (as evidenced by the CBS polling).

I have been waiting and praying and hoping the leadership of the country would not allow this tragedy to devolve into calls for ‘toned down’ free speech. If speech has to be measured by the standards of the MSM in the past few days, it most certainly will not be ‘free’.

The person who committed these crimes, which invoked terror in the community and the country, does not appear to be motivated by anyone or anything other than a severe illness.

If he had proclaimed a motive like those espoused by Charles Manson or the Son of Sam, a Beatles song and a dog being their ‘motives’, it still would not justify the limitation of free speech in this country.

Gabrielle Giffords read the First Amendment on the floor of the House days before the tragedy and the words of the founders will survive any assault, not matter how brutal or senseless.

Because it was senseless, the MSM and politicians, including the Sheriff of Tucson, should feel ashamed of the way they are responding to the attacks.

In the seconds and minutes, hours and days following the attacks, the people of Tucson, and Arizona and America are coming together in acts of heroism, and in prayer.

That is what our leaders should be doing as well.

God Bless the victims, their families and friends, and God Bless the country.

As Speaker Boehner said this morning, we will come through this, we always do and we always will.

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On the 8th day pre-Christmas Obama gave to me, President Hill-a-ree!

…and in a follow up to giving us 20 mins of President Big Dawg explaining supply side economics, today Obama left the podium to Hillary to explain why we are staying in Af-Pak til ’14.

If he keeps leaving grown ups at the podium, and actually lets them make decisions, since he told business leaders yesterday he is more of a ‘collaborator’ (yeah I totally get that, France WWII, yep I can see it all, cough), anyway, go have a summit and let the actual LEADERS make the tough calls and maybe we can get back on track..



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Updates: Be the Wave!! AZ-05 David Schweikert (R) – GOTV


Everyone please GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

10/30 Phone Banking Report – Team Schweikert office was full so I was assigned to GOP Victory office around the corner and did calls to GOTV for the entire GOP Team. Did around 100 calls, many messages, wrong numbers, but 5 positives, with a Semper Fi! thrown in. 2 had mailed early ballots back already the other 3 were psyched to vote. Very few hangups, maybe 6, only 2 who seemed to be Dem votes.

David Schweikert Conservative for AZ - 05

AceofSpadesHQ and FreedomWorks have launched Be the Wave! A GOTV effort aimed at getting our feet on the ground to make calls and GOTV for our districts. Be the Wave!!

Here in AZ-05, David Schweikert is our guy. A conservative who has run against Harry Mitchell (D) before, and this year is our year.

Please contact the Schweikert Campaign Team and volunteer to make calls, donate, or help staff events.

Post continues after the break:


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Video ~ AZ Tea Party Patriots – Border Rally – Pam Gorman, Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe…

KFYI’s Mike Broomfield introduces Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, author of Arizona SB 1070.

Courtesy of the UnitedBorderCoalitionWarren Roche

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio stands with JD Hayworth and Mike Broomfield from KFYI talk radio, Phoenix, as he speaks to the United Border Coalition Tea Party gathering at the border in Hereford, AZ.

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Twofer Tuesday: Ahmed the Dead Terrorist


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