’24’ Season 8 promo – 2 night Season Premiere begins Jan.17th…

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Jack Bauer interrogates Santa

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The video is from the brilliant people at Rebel Christmas Card. ’24’ returns Sunday, Jan. 17, 2009 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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tvaddict: On the set of 24 with Katee Sackhoff…

Our previous posts on Katee (and Leoben!) joining 24 here and here

Courtesy of thetvaddict:

On our recent visit to the set of 24, Katee Sackhoff recounted a very funny, albeit slightly inappropriate tale involving Edward James Olmos directing the direct-to-DVD BATTLESTAR GALACTICA video, THE PLAN

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Leoben joins Kara Thrace on 24….

Kewl! Leoben is also the heartless killer John Wakefield on Harper’s Island…h/t SciFiWire

Battlestar Galactica alumnus Callum Keith Rennie (“Leoben”) has been added to the cast of Fox’s 24, joining fellow Battlestar alum Katee Sackhoff, Sackhoff reported on her Facebook page. “How cool is that? I have missed my Battlestar castmates. We all should just be on 24! : )”

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BSG: 4 Seasons in 4 minutes; Katee Sackhoff joins 24; Schmoes Know: Interviews Katee Sackhoff Part 1 and Eddie Olmos ‘blown away’ by ‘The Plan’…

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CoronaComingAttractions has the scoop on Katee joining 24 next season, well ALLRIGHT!!! I can’t wait to see Katee in the bloopers :0)

Katee Sackhoff has landed her first ongoing role since reaching the end of Battlestar Galactica. The blonde-haired actress who played Starbuck throughout all four seasons of BSG has been cast as CTU staff member Dana Walsh in the upcoming eighth season of Fox’s 24.

Described by THR as “a smart and competent expert data analyst” at the counter-terrorism unit department of the government, her character has a hidden romantic connection with another new face, CTU agent Davis Cole (to be played by Freddie Prinze Jr.)

CCA on The Plan and how Eddie feels about it:

When Edward James Olmos recently talked about his upcoming Battlestar Galactica two-hour special movie The Plan he set the expectation bar pretty high. The man who played Admiral William Adama and who also directed the special spoke highly of the events we’ll see in the show, saying that the events that will unfold will leave the audience “gasping.”

“You see the complete opposite of the first 281 days of what we went through, … seen through the eyes of the Cylons, and it is breathtaking,” Olmost told the assembled crowd at the Los Angeles Times showbiz industry series called The Envelope (and as was reported online by Sci Fi Wire.) “It’s fantastic. It’s not fun, but I will say that you will sit there [gasping].”..

From Schmoes Know, Part 1, go to their YouTube channel for the rest:

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