The Force is With Them: Star Wars fan donates kidney to fellow stormtrooper….


A Star Wars fan got help in the battle for his life from a stormtrooper: Specifically, a Long Island resident and member of the fan club known as the 501st Legion, CBS reported.

501st in the Rose Day Parade 2007 Pasadena, CA

501st in the Rose Day Parade 2007 Pasadena, CA

Jeff Romanoff is also part of the Philadelphia fan club that puts on costumes from the films for charity. He met Eric Seemann, a fellow 501st member from Long Island, at a convention.

See that, lives are saved as a result of scifi conventions, knew that must somehow be true :0)


Seemann later learned that Romanoff was suffering from cancer and needed a kidney transplant to survive. Seemann got tested and learned he was a perfect match.

Ten years ago, Seemann’s brother donated his kidney to a family member, and two years ago, his mother was diagnosed with leukemia. That was all the motivation he needed to donate his own kidney to Romanoff. They underwent the life-saving surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio….

Long long ago,
in a galaxy far far away,
there is a place called Singapore which celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. This is the 3rd year that 501st Legion Singapore Garrison is participating. Even with a heavy downpour, the troops still marched on with pride.

Learn more about the 501st Legion on

…”I think it’s important the public learn from the service-minded example the 501st sets,” Legion founder Albin Johnson says. “If more people gave back to their communities while enjoying their hobbies, the world would be a much better place. Our club engenders a positive attitude of giving, not just taking. We actually gain from our friendships and the work we do. That’s a unique experience few other hobbies can boast.”

The 501st Legion contributes time and money to numerous charities including Ronald McDonald House, Toys-for-Tots, Make-a-Wish, Candle Lighters Fund, and the Jimmy Fund. Each garrison has also visited countless hospitals, daycare centers, schools and community centers to entertain children throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Tournament of Roses Parade 2007 Star Wars Stormtrooper 501st Legion

In addition to their charity work, 501st members have extremely varied and important careers. “We have our share of IT specialists, software engineers and librarians,” webmaster and Carolina Garrison member Dean Plantamura says. “But we are also lawyers, fashion models, ex-rollerderby stars, police officers, professional divers, pyro-technicians, butchers, teachers, air traffic controllers, nurses, social workers, security officers, musicians, accountants, graphic designers, illustrators, postal workers, helicopter pilots, pediatricians, dentists, nuclear plant operators, bankers, meteorologists, crime scene investigators, firefighters, DJs, paramedics, airplane mechanics, ex-pro wrestlers, actors, video game designers, stay-at-home moms, small business owners, chimney sweeps, archeologists, as well as many members who are currently serving in the Armed Forces.”…

A few of the garrison went bowling to benefit Make a Wish.


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