In Remembrance, Honor the Fallen, Never Forget

God Bless the souls of the victims of the attacks of 9/11, the families of those lost and the heroes who rushed to rescue the fallen and who still fight for America and all she represents.

God Bless America

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Obama to try 9/11 terrorists as civilians in American courts- go to to object


Update: A moment of levity in a sea of despair courtesy of RedState:

What do Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, mastermind of the September 11th terrorist attacks, and uninsured 20 year olds have in common?

In Barack Obama’s America, they both go to jail — but the terrorist has to be convicted first.

HotAir is covering the story


Go to to object to this travesty

Recently, Congress voted down a bi-partisan bill that would have ensured that the terrorists who brought death and destruction to our homeland on September 11, 2001 would be tried as war criminals in military courts, not as common criminals tried in civilian courts with full Constitutional protections on American soil.  The Obama administration has not been truthful with the public about the risks associated with bringing these cases in federal court, where critical evidence will be excluded, classified intelligence will be made available to our enemies, foreign counterterrorism partners will be exposed and the “mastermind of 9/11” will be allowed to mock his victims just blocks from where they died. has partnered with 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong and America and Keep America Safe to bring attention to this travesty. We are recruiting the families & friends of the FDNY to combat this ill-conceived policy of the current administration.

This week letters were sent to President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates questioning the wisdom of bringing these terrorists onto US soil to try them in civilian courts for their grievous crimes against this great country, including the murder of 343 New York City firefighters.

93 of them were my friends.

They were all my brothers.

I cannot stand by and let this happen without a fight.

Please read the letter and CLICK HERE if you would like to add your signature.


Tim Brown

FDNY-Retired, 9/11 Survivor

View the letter

Signatures To Date>>>



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Update: U.S.S. New York sets sail: built with steel from the WTC


Update 11/8: She is now in active duty. God Bless.

USS New York, built with steel salvaged from the fallen Twin Towers, officially went into active duty yesterday in a somber but spirited ceremony on the West Side.

Families who lost loved ones in the World Trade Center attacks gathered at the Intrepid Museum on Pier 86 with hundreds of others — including Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton..

..It awes me to think that from the ashes, this ship has formed and to know it’s serving us,” said Helen Zaccoli, 45, whose husband, Joseph, died at the trade center.

USS New York commissioned

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stands among Navy personnel at the start of the commissioning ceremony for the USS New York on the Intrepid Museum on November 7, 2009 in New York City. The amphibious transport dock ship is made in part of 7.5 tons of reforged steel from the wreckage of the World Trade Center. UPI Photo/Monika Graff

Update 11/2: She arrived in NYC today. God Bless her and the crew and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

USS New York

GIVE ME LIBERTY: The Statue of Liberty welcomes the newest Navy ship, USS New York, as it enters the harbor yesterday. Part of the vessel is made with steel from the World Trade Center. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

The World Trade Center sailed into the city this morning.

The USS New York, which has a bow built from 7.5 tons of Twin Towers steel, stopped near Ground Zero as a detail on board fired off a 21-gun salute.


US Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Paul Bersher, of Long Island, right, stands watch as the USS New York as the ship passes under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Monday, Nov. 2, 2009 in New York Harbor. (N.Y. Post: Chad Rachman)

Families of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks standing on the north cove then saluted the Navy’s newest warship as it continued up the Hudson.

After the 21-gun salute, petty officers Mike Sullivan and Paul Bershers,who were on watch on the bow, started singing Billy Joel‘s “New York State of Mind.”

After the Ground Zero stop, the ship escorted by about two dozen tugboats and other vessels headed up the Hudson River toward the George Washington Bridge. After a U-turn there, it was to head south to Pier 88. An official commissioning ceremony is scheduled for Saturday.

“It’s a transformation … from something really twisted and ugly, said Rosaleen Tallon, who lost her firefighter brother, Sean, on 9/11. “I’m proud that our military is using that steel.”

Tallon said her brother, who was also was a Marine, also would have been proud…


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In Memoriam

God Bless the people lost on 9/11, their families and friends and all the incredible heroes who worked to save them who were and are still being lost today, and the troops and their families who sacrifice so much for all of us.

Video courtesy of mcjar49

If so inclined, you can light a virtual candle here


By Alfred, Lord Tennyson

STRONG Son of God, immortal Love,
Whom we, that have not seen thy face,
By faith, and faith alone, embrace,
Believing where we cannot prove;
Thine are these orbs of light and shade;
Thou madest Life in man and brute;
Thou madest Death; and lo, thy foot
Is on the skull which thou hast made.
Thou wilt not leave us in the dust:
Thou madest man, he knows not why,
He thinks he was not made to die;
And thou hast made him: thou art just.
Thou seemest human and divine,
The highest, holiest manhood, thou:
Our wills are ours, we know not how;
Our wills are ours, to make them thine.
Our little systems have their day;
They have their day and cease to be:
They are but broken lights of thee,
And thou, O Lord, art more than they.
We have but faith: we cannot know;
For knowledge is of things we see;
And yet we trust it comes from thee,
A beam in darkness: let it grow.
Let knowledge grow from more to more,
But more of reverence in us dwell;
That mind and soul, according well,
May make one music as before,
But vaster. We are fools and slight;
We mock thee when we do not fear:
But help thy foolish ones to bear;
Help thy vain worlds to bear thy light.
Forgive what seem’d my sin in me;
What seem’d my worth since I began;
For merit lives from man to man,
And not from man, O Lord, to thee.
Forgive my grief for one removed,
Thy creature, whom I found so fair.
I trust he lives in thee, and there
I find him worthier to be loved.
Forgive these wild and wandering cries,
Confusions of a wasted youth;
Forgive them where they fail in truth,
And in thy wisdom make me wise.


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Update: Did TOTUS scare the hell out of NYC for a Statue of Liberty or ‘100 day’ photo op? How much CARBON did they emit?

Update: To get an idea of how low and close this buzz was, this comments via Ace and WSJ give good insight. I find it terrifying and frankly I’m outraged, to me, it’s just not funny:


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