ABC midseason mystery a la Harper’s Island: ‘Happy Town’ Premieres April 28th

I am pretty psyched for this one, I really enjoyed Harper’s Island, and this has more of a horror feel to it…

Courtesy of ABC

SciFiWire has a 14 minute sneak peek up as well!

…As for what the show’s actually about, we have no freakin’ clue. But it’s got a killer cast, including Sam Neill, Amy Acker and Steven Weber, as well as star Lauren German, the chick from Hostel: Part II, and Lost‘s Mr. Friendly, M.C. Gainey.

Happy Town premieres at 10 p.m. on April 28.

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SDCC 09: LOST Panel…

Part 4 first cause I have a thing for Sawyer (Mrs MiM here, heh) Here he is (2.50) trying to get the key off the neck of Damon to the safe that has the secrets to what will happen in the last season…

Courtesy of lostsawyer840

Clips 1-3 of the panel after the break:

oh and check these out…

More after the break:


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LOST: Season 5 Sneak Peaks…

Season 5 begins Wednesday, January 21st 9/8 C ABC..

All-new “Lost” sneak peek video from season five episode “Because You Left”

two clips courtesy of – Lost premiere preview – Jack and Ben plan a journey back to the Island


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