Repost: AIG Bonuses…

I love when Dunlap does his AIG impression GIVE ME MY M-F BONUSES!!!

FD: MiM are former employees and shareholders of AIG, we are quite biased :0) We have written about the bailouts at length here at MiM

We love this clip. We agree the employees at this unit NOW deserve these contractually obligated non performance bonuses.

The original (March) performance bonus loophole fiasco engineered by Chris ‘Countrywide VIP – seen my lovely Irish cottage’ Dodd and the payment of the CDS in full to Golden Slacks was just total BS. What a clusterfxck AIG is. But the still dark waters of AIG run deep, they will get their money…

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Jackie and Dunlap express America’s outrage over the AIG bonuses in their interview with one of the most hated men in America… Shimmysham the AIG Dummy.

And the take on the G8 carbon goals:

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DeMint and Bunning, Isakson call for Geithner to Resign..

Yowsa…Bottom line, the public/private partnership was not announced or moved forward today because of fallout over this AIG bonus fiasco. Geithner has no confidence with the people and members of the Senate have begun to call for him to resign as well. With the Turbo Tax Tag and his atrocious public performances as well as AIG and CITI under his belt he is simply unable to be effective in a time in which we need an individual with the know how AND the how to AND the damn guts and confidence. Jamie Dimon or Sheila Bair not Tiny Tim…

Read HA for the full scoop..

Jamie Dimon/Sheila Bair  for Treasury Secty please…

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Breaking: AIG gives Bonus Names to Cuomo….

CNBC: NY AG Cuomo has the list of names, he is ‘being sensitive to security concerns’

they named names! no more Hop Sing for them! Hey if you can’t laugh then you won’t make it through this economy…

Lew: Ah, I knew it was you! You tried to trick Hop Sing! You are on our list, Elaine Benes! And now you are on our list, Ned Isakoff.
Ned: You got me blacklisted from Hop Sing’s?
Lew: She named name!

George: Your boyfriend reads the Daily Worker? What is he? A communist?
Elaine: HE reads everything, you know, Ned’s very well read.
George: Maybe he’s just very well… red?

Elaine: Oh well nothing wrong with that. Gotta make those big bucks. . . . money money money money money money money . . . ha ha ha ha ah . . . are you a communist?
Ned: Yes, as a matter of fact I am.

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A frenetic mashup of many, many random clips from the legendary sitcom about ‘nothing’.

Audio compiled by MIX96 (
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Music: “Time is Tight” by Booker T & The MG’s

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AIG, A Farce in Three Acts Continues: Dodd says Obama Officials told him to put in bonus loophole…

Who knows who will end up under the bus in this latest installment…

the maroons at the WH seem to be trying to hang Ben out to dry on this (they soo out of touch, TOTUS is in SoCal doing William Jennings Bryan-esque speeches for fraks sake), this while the market is praising Ben’s leadership with today’s FOMC move (see Ben the Bold), and all America feeling tight with Ben after 60 Minutes..

if anyone needs to be the scape goat it is Timmeh. who wrote the crappy bailout as head of NY Fed and Dodd isn’t going down quietly either….

So we have Geithner, Dodd and who next to complete the Three Little Maids From School, Gilbert & Sullivan number? At least make it entertaining if we all have to suffer..

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Three Little Maids From School Are We’
Joan Sutherland Ella Fitzgerald
Dinah Shore (1963)


In a stunning development, Sen. Christopher Dodd said that Obama administration officials asked him to add language to last month’s federal stimulus bill to make sure the controversial AIG bonuses remained in place

MiM isn’t stunned. Kanjorski who discussed these bonuses with Liddy and Treasury in October isn’t stunned…only the frakkin media could claim to be stunned…

“I did not want to make any changes to my original Senate-passed amendment, but I did so at the request of administration officials, who gave us no indication that this was in any way related to AIG,” Dodd said in a statement released by his office. The nearly $800 billion stimulus bill was approved by Congress in February.

So Dodd is saying he got rolled by AIG and Team Obama, no surprises there….back to you at the WH…

The White House did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment


Hit it Sideshow Bob

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