Update: Lynch (D-MA) unloads on Geithner; Market Mover Wednesday: Geithner, Paulson AIG testimony on the Hill…

Gee Lynch in Massachusetts seems a little edgy wonder why?!

CNBC will carry the hearings on livestream here (10:00am EST) . WSJ covers the emails here. Lots of previous posts on the AIG bailout. FD-We are former employees/shareholders…


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Repost: AIG Bonuses…

I love when Dunlap does his AIG impression GIVE ME MY M-F BONUSES!!!

FD: MiM are former employees and shareholders of AIG, we are quite biased :0) We have written about the bailouts at length here at MiM

We love this clip. We agree the employees at this unit NOW deserve these contractually obligated non performance bonuses.

The original (March) performance bonus loophole fiasco engineered by Chris ‘Countrywide VIP – seen my lovely Irish cottage’ Dodd and the payment of the CDS in full to Golden Slacks was just total BS. What a clusterfxck AIG is. But the still dark waters of AIG run deep, they will get their money…

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Jackie and Dunlap express America’s outrage over the AIG bonuses in their interview with one of the most hated men in America… Shimmysham the AIG Dummy.

And the take on the G8 carbon goals:

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Breaking: US Regulators to announce OTC Derivative Regulations at 4:00pm EST….

Derivative regulation, what a concept!!!

Markets on their lows DOW now down 191…Gold at 926.30 now….

Kucinich ripping AIG CEO Ed Liddy on the Hill right now…

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