SDCC ’09: Starship Smackdown XIII – Andromeda v Serenity, NCC1701 Enterprise -Sparrow v Pegasus – Quint – Crunch…

Courtesy of magicinthenumbers:

Starship Smackdown XIII panel at Comic Con 2009 in San Diego. Ever wonder what would happen if the Pegasus from Battlestar Galactica battled it out with the Enterprise from Star Trek? Find out in this epic virtual tournament! See all videos for this panel:…

In the playlist above, order of smackdown:

05 jjprise vs captain eo.
06 nostromo vs yamato
07 defiant vs liberator
08 ajax vs lost saucer
09 andromeda vs serenity
10 executor vs searcher
11 enterprise vs moon
12 protector vs pegasus

13 captain assignments

14 jjprise/shatner vs yamato/morgan
15 ajax/taggart vs defiant/murdock
16 executor/archer vs serenity/solo
17 ncc1701/sparrow vs pegasus/quint/crunch

18 jjprise/shatner vs defiant/murdock
19 serenity/solo vs ncc1701/sparrow

20 jjprise/shatner vs ncc1701/sparrow

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