April Fools Virus…

The IT folks tell me there is an April Fools Virus out and about…MiM will have autoposts up for a few days around April 1st…..

We’ll be back up in time for the G20 wrapup, LOL…..

Jacksonville News:

A computer virus rumored to go into effect on April Fools Day may have already infected millions of PCs, according to some computer experts.

They said a virus may well be worming its way through the bowels of some people’s computers, and on April 1 the computer world will either be the victim of a huge hoax or a huge headache.

“It’s triggered by date, but April 1 is supposed to be the date this virus is executed,” said lead Geek Choice technician Mike Burns. “When it hits, I’ll take care of it. That is my job.”Burns said the virus known as the Conficker Worm, which is believed to activate on April Fool’s Day, is a very real threat.

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