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July 21, 2016 Full GOP Nomination Acceptance Speech Added courtesy of RightSide Broadcasting~

We won The Presidency tonight folks!!! #TrumpPence2016 #MAGA #TeamUSA #TrumpYears




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DHS Secretary: It’s Napolitano


Slate of all places has a pretty good accounting of the history of Governor Janet Napolitano as she is tapped to be the DHS Secretary for the incoming Administration. (And bonus-I think she can work well with Hillary)

How she chooses to address illegal immigration in terms of Homeland Security should be interesting. It is perhaps appropriate for a border Governor to take this post as we come to terms with a completely porous southern border.

Gov. Napolitano’s state of Arizona has consistently passed propositions enforcing illegal immigration statutes and pushing for tighter borders, often despite the opposition of the Governor.

From American Prospect:

This is a woman who has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and survived breast cancer. She cracks herself up by quoting Monty Python. (Indeed, she’s constantly smiling and laughing, from giggles to deep belly laughs to ironical gasps.) She is a powerful, self-possessed speaker, so it’s surprising to discover she’s only 5-foot-4. Napolitano likes to joke about being old, but in reality, at 50 she is young for a governor, with much of her political future ahead of her…

Napolitano is Arizona’s first Democratic governor to be re-elected in a quarter-century. When she entered office, Republicans controlled both houses of the state legislature. They still do, but their majority has dwindled to six seats in the House and four in the Senate, and they are at risk of losing control entirely this November. What’s more, Napolitano hasn’t just played smart politics, she’s made real strides in passing progressive policies. Improbably, she has managed to contain Arizona’s far right, co-opt the business community, and pacify the left..


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