Horror Fan Fave: My Name Is Bruce – Review

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Review from BlackTequilaKiss:

..You don’t know fear, kid. You’ve never worked with Sam Raimi.’, this is pure Cheese gold. Now y’all know I love my Bruce and I went into this unsure wherever it would be to my taste. Oh it was. This was a joy from beginning to end. Able to mock itself and not take anything seriously it was either laugh out loud funny or even rather tender…

Review by Cinemassacre:

…”Bruce Campbell is the greatest actor of his generation!”, never have truer words been said and it was a laugh out loud moment that still stands strong now.

The plotline goes as such: B Movie legend, Bruce Campbell is mistaken for his character Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy by a devoted fan. Fearing for his town’s safety, the fan kidnaps Bruce and forces him into a position where he must fight a real life monster in the small town of Gold Lick.


To love this movie you really do have to love Campbell as the whole film is hinged more so on his performance. For my money? I love the guy. Playing the B Movie cheese to top draw, he acts the part well in a movie and is a fantastic send up of himself. Only ever Bruce.

It is satirical, over the top and even a lil creepy in parts. My Name is Bruce is pure golden and a movie worth the time and effort.

Ted Raimi stars with Bruce:

..Firstly Ted Raimi as Mills Toddner / Wing / Sign Painter- Three different characters and one guy playing every role. This man is insane! He was fantastic as Mills, Bruce’s agent, and credit where it is due he played the other roles just as well. It was quite fantastic when Guan-di (the monster) takes out the sign painter he plays. But to play three separate roles is an achievement, kudos to Ted for that!…

If  you are an Evil Dead fan sounds like a good couple of hours, I’ve read Bruce’s books and loved them and will definitely be checking this out:

..In terms of gore it really is minimal and of course insane! Heads chopped off. Heads split in half. You can’t make this stuff up! Considering this is a made for Bruce movie for Bruce lovers, the gore is going to as silly as ever and it is but it does look beautiful, just beautiful.

I really have nothing left to say. This is a movie for Bruce Campbell lovers. If you don’t love him you will not like this and the humour will be lost on you. If you haven’t watched many films of his, the concept will seem hacked and stupid which to be honest it is but with Campbell it works all kinds of good…

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