Video ~ AZ Tea Party Patriots – Border Rally – Pam Gorman, Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe…

KFYI’s Mike Broomfield introduces Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, author of Arizona SB 1070.

Courtesy of the UnitedBorderCoalitionWarren Roche

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio stands with JD Hayworth and Mike Broomfield from KFYI talk radio, Phoenix, as he speaks to the United Border Coalition Tea Party gathering at the border in Hereford, AZ.

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AZ Legislature approves suit against Obamacare & Illegal immigration enforcement measure moves forward…

State legislature freed Gov Brewer to sue, since Dem AG Terry Goddard refused…AZ is part of the epicenter of the housing collapse, we have a big budget shortfall Napolitano left us with and we need to cut spending. The Federal government has no business forcing us to spend money, and holding our money hostage unless we comply with their jackboot tactics.


State lawmakers gave final approval Wednesday to legislation giving Gov. Jan Brewer the right to sue the federal government over the health care plan that Republicans labeled “socialism,” “voodoo math” and an assault on the rights of Arizonans. The measure, approved on a party-line vote, is the first step toward Arizona joining more than a dozen other states that already have challenged the right of the federal government to require individuals to obtain health insurance or face a fine. Brewer, who an aide said will sign the bill today also wants to attack provisions in the federal law that forbid Arizona from cutting back its own health plan if it wants to get future dollars from Washington.

“We’re seeking to protect the citizens from this unconstitutional socialism that is in full bloom in Congress,” said Sen. Jack Harper, R-Surprise. “The socialists of the day are only a gun confiscation away from being the communists of tomorrow.”

Sen. Frank Antenori, R-Tucson, said the federal plan, if it stands, will undermine the liberty of Arizonans.

Rep. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, said the new system will result in “waiting lists and rationing.”

And Rep. Ray Barnes, R-Phoenix, called the law “a death sentence for old people” who will find their requests for health care denied….

The legislature rolled back AHCCCS (our medicaid program) to trim the budget and the Obamacare law says we cannot do that, effectively removing control of our budget from our state legislature, that HAS to be unconstitutional…

…Harper, however, said it would still be cheaper to pay legal fees, even if they reach $3 million, rather than the $11 billion price tag to the state to comply.

That figure is based on estimates of what it will cost Arizona in health expenses between now and 2014 when Washington will pick up much of the cost.

Most immediately, if this state wants those future federal dollars, it cannot cut eligibility for existing programs. That would force lawmakers to reverse the just-enacted budget which cuts enrollment in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System by more than 310,000 and totally eliminates the Kids Care program …

The legislature is also working on forcing cities to comply with state policy on illegal immigration enforcement:

A House panel approved legislation Wednesday designed to force local police to use their power to detain illegal immigrants when practicable. SB 1070 would overrule any policy or procedure of a city council or police department that keeps officers from enforcing federal immigration laws. It also says that police must inquire about the immigration status of those they encounter as part of their regular activities.

The legislation which cleared the House Committee on Military Affairs and Public Safety on a 5-2 vote, also would make criminals out of those who not only harbor or transport those they know are illegal immigrants, or at least recklessly disregard that likelihood, but also outlaw encouraging an illegal immigrant to come to Arizona….


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