AZ MMJ Update: US Atty confirms Brewer, Horne *deliberately* misinterpreted his letter, says they will *NOT* go after patients or state employees, Brewer to file suit anyway


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AZ MMJ Update: Gov Brewer files lawsuit endangering MMJ *NATIONWIDE*, asks Federal Judge for Declaratory Judgement on MMJ


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Calling All Angels ~ Freedom of Speech must not be a price paid for the Tucson Tragedy

Update: Sarah Palin has released a Facebook video addressing the attack and the reaction to it by the media. As usual, she has articulated what the majority of Americans are feeling (as evidenced by the CBS polling).

I have been waiting and praying and hoping the leadership of the country would not allow this tragedy to devolve into calls for ‘toned down’ free speech. If speech has to be measured by the standards of the MSM in the past few days, it most certainly will not be ‘free’.

The person who committed these crimes, which invoked terror in the community and the country, does not appear to be motivated by anyone or anything other than a severe illness.

If he had proclaimed a motive like those espoused by Charles Manson or the Son of Sam, a Beatles song and a dog being their ‘motives’, it still would not justify the limitation of free speech in this country.

Gabrielle Giffords read the First Amendment on the floor of the House days before the tragedy and the words of the founders will survive any assault, not matter how brutal or senseless.

Because it was senseless, the MSM and politicians, including the Sheriff of Tucson, should feel ashamed of the way they are responding to the attacks.

In the seconds and minutes, hours and days following the attacks, the people of Tucson, and Arizona and America are coming together in acts of heroism, and in prayer.

That is what our leaders should be doing as well.

God Bless the victims, their families and friends, and God Bless the country.

As Speaker Boehner said this morning, we will come through this, we always do and we always will.

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Rep. Gabby Giffords & 3 staff members shot in Tucson, please pray for them

God Bless Gabby and her staff, please pray for them. Gabby Giffords D-AZ is often on the other side of positions, but no one should ever doubt she loves this country and does what she believes is right for her constituents.

She is a bright, energetic, outgoing, young Congresswoman, an American patriot who is serving her country.

God Bless her and the staff, prayers are with them.

FOX is now reporting 12 people were shot at the Safeway where Gabby was holding an open meet and greet with Tucson constituents. God Bless them. The gunman is in custody.

My son and I just watched her reading the Constitution this week. This attack is a cowardly assault on our country and our leadership.

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Surf’s Up!!! VOTE!

Update 2 ~ John Boehner’s moving speech~

Update 11/3 ~ Marco Rubio and Rand Paul’s Acceptance Speeches~

Landslide Baby~

62+ net and Im off to dreamland~ I wanted more~82 min. I think Reid is a thief (but am weirdly glad SCHUMER is not majority leader, heh)and Carly should have been allowed to keep going without calling it, it looks tied to me at 50% still ~ CA is in deep blue shxt!! JERRY BROWN to negotiate with labor and Boxer to bring back jobs? Dear Gawd!

So Obama is now ‘unprecedented’, he has lost the most seats in his first midterm in modern Presidential history! erasing Big Dawg’s previous record of a loss of 52. Loves it!

Best moment of the night outside the local races- Marrrcoooo RUBIO!!!


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Updates: Be the Wave!! AZ-05 David Schweikert (R) – GOTV


Everyone please GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

10/30 Phone Banking Report – Team Schweikert office was full so I was assigned to GOP Victory office around the corner and did calls to GOTV for the entire GOP Team. Did around 100 calls, many messages, wrong numbers, but 5 positives, with a Semper Fi! thrown in. 2 had mailed early ballots back already the other 3 were psyched to vote. Very few hangups, maybe 6, only 2 who seemed to be Dem votes.

David Schweikert Conservative for AZ - 05

AceofSpadesHQ and FreedomWorks have launched Be the Wave! A GOTV effort aimed at getting our feet on the ground to make calls and GOTV for our districts. Be the Wave!!

Here in AZ-05, David Schweikert is our guy. A conservative who has run against Harry Mitchell (D) before, and this year is our year.

Please contact the Schweikert Campaign Team and volunteer to make calls, donate, or help staff events.

Post continues after the break:


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AZ Congressional Races – survey says – GOP leads!

Yay! Dave Schweikert is ahead of Harry Mitchell in our AZ-05 :0)

Jim Geraghty has it at NRO:

AZ-1: “Despite Representative Ann Kirkpatrick having 95 percent name ID (with a 42 to 37 percent favorable-unfavorable rating) compared to challenger Paul Gosar’s 46 percent (23 to 6 percent favorable), Gosar leads on the ballot by a 47 to 41 percent margin.”

AZ-5: “Despite Representative Harry Mitchell having 97 percent name ID (with a 42 to 46 percent favorable-unfavorable rating) compared to challenger David Schweikert’s 77 percent (33 to 18 percent favorable), Schweikert leads on the ballot by a 50 to 44 percent margin.”

AZ-8: “Despite Representative Gabrielle Giffords having 99 percent name ID (with a 52 to 41 percent favorable-unfavorable rating) compared to challenger Jesse Kelly’s 78 percent (33 to 25 percent favorable), Giffords and Kelly are currently tied on the ballot at 46 percent each.”…

Go read the whole thing for more results across the mountain states!

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